Creation of a chair of “design the Grand Paris”

The School of Urban planning of Paris and the five public bodies involved in the operational planning grand paris announced on 26 June 2017, the creation of a chair of “design the Grand Paris”. Check out their missions.
Noting that the “practice of development are changing significantly and very rapidly on the occasion of the mutations of the Grand Paris“, the actors involved in this large-scale project have decided to create the Chair “to Develop the Grand Paris”.


Initiated by the School of Urban planning of Paris and the five public bodies involved in the operational planning grand paris : Société du Grand Paris, Greater Paris Development, Group NIS/Grand Paris Habitat, the etablissement Public Foncier d’ile-de – France and the Caisse des Dépôts, this chair was born of the needto observe these developments and to accompany them in crossing the academic research, the expertise and the know-how of the business“. The founders of the Chair are designed to remove lessons that can be disseminated to professional development and training practitioners and students concerned.


The big competitions come out of the standard approach
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For agencies in charge of these facilities, the time of the implementation is accompanied by a need for renewal of their own action tools. “Witness the new ways to work with developers, developers, developers, designers, and even users“, they explain in a joint statement. They add : “The competition and appeals to ideas which have been launched indicate the need for renewal practices”. Citing major competition launched (“Reinventing Paris”, “Inventing the Metropolis of the Great Paris”, “Dessine-moi le Grand Paris”….), they find that these “out of the standard approach to generate new groupings, new ways to enhance sites and of program the places of life“.


Concretely, this chair will have a duty to exercise “a day before and the work of deepening the practices of the development, train professionals, and in priority to the employees of the founders, and the 350 students of the School of Urban planning of Paris“. It will also “identify and disseminate experiences of development of innovative in other cities, and more broadly, beyond the professional circles, in the direction of the elected officials and citizens“. Finally, this chair takes place in a partnership for a period of 5 years.

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