Covanord seeking the Icam to imagine the recycling of double-glazing

The group Covanord, which promotes waste-ferrous and non-ferrous metals, has appealed to the Icam-Lille, an engineering school, to develop its future industrial tool. It will be devoted to the dismantling of the windows are double-glazed and will be in action by the end of 2017.
The Icam-Lille and Covanord work together since 2015 on various engineering projects related to the valorisation of waste. After having carried out a market study on the waste of plaster in the CONSTRUCTION sector, the industrial has again asked the school of engineering, in march 2016, this time to design a tool for processing double-glazing. Olivier Wdowiak, director QHSE of Covanord explains : “We have chosen to use the Icam because the school really knows the world of the company, including our expectations and requirements in terms of innovation. We were looking for a partnership neutral with a range of cross-curricular competencies“.


Millions of windows to deal with every year


Three concepts were first proposed : “We have focused our research and trials on several aspects, operator safety and ergonomics in the workplace – a subject central to Covanord – and the time of dismantling of the window in order to validate the profitability of this future activity, “says Julien to Eat, in charge of the case to the Icam-Lille. The tests were carried out to the manufacturer to validate the choice of a-line semi-automated. The student engineer then worked on the definition of the systems, the speeds and the protections of the work environment. It is expected that the facility would be operational by the end of the year. For its part, Covanord organizes a collection chain in order to supply the line. But the market has a strong potential : between 2 and 3 million windows are removed and landfilled every year, with a proportion of double-glazed windows which never ceases to increase. They should represent a window on two in 5 years, according to the specialist in the recovery.
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The Icam announcement to accompany a sixty businesses each year, across 70 to 90 projects conducted by its students in the 5th year. Four students were mobilized around the project Covanord who already has plans to completely automate the line of dismantling, on the horizon of 2019, still with the help of the school.

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