Cost of the DTA : the UFME engages an arm of iron with the CSTB

ALARMS. The Union of manufacturers of exterior woodwork is alarmed at the increase “exorbitant” costs of technical documents application since the beginning of the year 2017. An increase that would cost up to tens of thousands of euros to some companies. Details.
The Union of manufacturers of exterior woodwork (UFME) has decided to initiate a standoff with the scientific and technical Centre for building (CSTB). The reason for this ? The entry into force on 1 January 2017, a new pricing of Technical Advice and technical documentation of application (DTA). According to the UFME, it entails for its members an increase of costs ranging from +20 to +47% on the period of validity of a DTA.


The UFME has therefore urged its members in may, not to pay these increases. An arm of iron is thus engaged between the two organizations. “The CSTB has informed our members, in march 2017, the prices of these documents, which constitute the rein to the placing of a product on the market, had increased as of 1 January”, explains Batiactu Philippe Macquart, general delegate of the UFME. “I have received this moment a shower of reactions from my members.” According to the UFME, the increase could represent up to tens of thousands of euros per year for some companies.


“The area of the window is seen to be penalised for being too innovative !”


Why is the sector of the window is, for the moment, the only one to be indignant of this increase, which key, however all the segments ? “We have this unusual that we retouch very often our DTA”, affirms Philippe Macquart. “Our products are highly adaptive, they undergo changes of scale, of innovation, of a far more dynamic manner than elsewhere.” Therefore, for the organization : the sector of the window is seen, in some way, penalised for being “too innovative”!
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The UFME asked the CSTB to a “reformulation” of pricing. Negotiations should be conducted in the coming weeks.


More information in the day.

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