Corinne Vezzoni proposes to make it “unbuildable” the whole of the territory

The architect of marseille Corinne Vezzoni, interviewed on the radio France info, has proposed a radical solution to rethink how to build : make the whole of the French territory unbuildable. A paradox for an architect ? Not that much. Explanations.
Corinne Vezzoni would it be a architect who no longer wishes to build ? It has indeed affirmed, in the context of the issue of France info titled “Me president”, that she wanted to make the whole of the French territory unbuildable. Some will answer that the architect, at marseilles, is perhaps scope to the hype, but this is not the case. It explains the reasons for the proposal which does not fail to amaze, coming from a member of his profession.


For her, the architect should not have the sole objective of building at all costs. “His job is also to think about the beauty of things, to ensure that the people live a better way”, avance-t-it. “We have terribly damaged our territory, we have used land to the utmost, agricultural land, forests, natural areas…” According to the architect, it is necessary to change his look so that they no longer consider all space as potentially buildable. “It is necessary to ask whether there are not other solutions to settle on the territory.” In the spirit of the one who was recently awarded the legion of honour, he would not make it buildable land that, in the case of last resort.


Avoid the “tides of bagnoles”


It should also put more priority on the quality of life of people who live homes built. “It is natural to build housing, but is it natural to build them away from cities, in areas of low-rise single-activity ?”, questions-t-it. As an alternative, therefore, it proposes to reinvest the entries of the cities “ugly” and the commercial and industrial zones. “At the top of these commercial areas, we can build offices and housing in overlapping, rather than spread out flat and the tides welcomes you”, she said.


For the architect who has participated in the design of the Mucem of Marseille, who are responsible for this disfigurement of some of the city entries ? On the one hand, the policies, which have sought to get the faster courses. But also, architects. “At a given moment, some of them, for reasons that belong to them, have agreed to build these commercial areas. Each takes its responsibilities. But this is not why we should endorse this approach. Now, we need to catch the errors of the past, rebuilding the city on the city, and taking advantage of all the voids that exist in these suburbs.”

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