Contest to “Reinvent” rotten : the rant of parisian architects

A sense of HUMOUR. An association of parisian architects has just launched the contest of parody to “Reinvent” rotten. A means of alerting the players in the sector on the culture of free work, and the omnipresence of the newspeak of “greenwashing”.
Make a rant all in “fun”. It is the goal of the contest to “Reinvent” rotten, a parody of the now famous “Reinvent Paris”, created by the mairie de Paris. The initiative, launched at the end of April on Facebook by the association of architects Copra (such as “collective practice”), based in Paris, has already a certain success as it has garnered 500 “likes”, to the surprise of its promoters.


The idea is simple : architects are invited to propose projects in the most crazy or absurd to the sites in paris, by June 18, 2017, at the address “We have already received several responses”, explains Batiactu Yann Legouis, architect at Copra (which had applied to “Reinvent Paris”). Behind this true-false competition, professionals have sought to pass on several messages. “We wish to alert the owners and the architects on the expansion of the culture of the work free of charge”, explains the architect. A topic that had already been controversy in march 2016 at “Reinventing Paris”.


“A brilliant system of circumvention of the law Mop”


“We do not claim great thing and we’re not totally desperate by this state of fact”, says Yann Legouis. “But we believe that beyond making shots policies, these methods do not give a good image of our profession.” The architects also denounce the “cynicism” with which programmes such as “Reinventing Paris” are presented as initiatives highlighting the work of the architect. More recently, in the same orders of ideas, was launched the contest “Do Paris”. For the initiators of “Reinventing” rotten, this kind of devices are mostly a “brilliant system of circumvention of the law MOP to get a shot of communication without equal, without paying a penny of public money”.


The Copra also regrets that this trend towards the generalization of the work free of charge mainly benefits the large structures, the only ones able to finance your studies without it leading necessarily on the concrete. About the winners of the Reinvent Paris, the architects commented : “We applaude our councillors have, in consistency, innovated up to make the bet crazy of the emergence of a new generation of architects, anonymous sorted in the middle of the 815 applications : Jean-Jacques Ory (retained on 2 sites 23 !), David Chipperfield, Manuelle Gautrand, X-TU, Sou Fujimoto, Jacques Ferrier, or TVK…”


“Greenwashing” is the “marketing applied to the urban”


Another objective of “Reinventing” rotten (or, as it was a time considered, “Reinventing for a laugh” is to laugh at the newspeak of “greenwashing”, the use of which became mandatory in the presentation and design of projects. “This ‘greenwashing’, it’s marketing applied to urban,”observes Yann Legouis. “The ecological criterion is of course important in a project but to rely above all an urban policy… This ends up being more important than the quality of the architecture.”


A reproduction of the results of the competition “Reinvent” rotten should be organised before the summer, as well as an “aperitif-debate” to share information on these subjects in a good mood, according to Yann Legouis. “We are not in a militant act, we especially want to laugh a little of our time”, he explains. “We felt that the architects, the result of the multiplication of this type of contest, were looking for an outlet.”

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