Contest BIM 2017 : check out the winners

For its 2nd edition, the Contest BIM Polantis has done work for nearly 200 applicants divided into 50 international teams on a project of urban renovation for the municipality of Saint-Prix in the Val-d’oise. Check out the podium.
The first edition of the Competition, BIM had made the floor of the architects and students on a building of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis). For the second, the editor Polantis which organizes this award, has decided to see more and to ask the candidates to work on an entire city centre. It is the commune of Saint-Prix (Val-d’oise) has been chosen, started a wide project of urban redevelopment.


An additional difficulty that has not discouraged the participants : the participants were 198 candidates were registered, divided into 49 teams. On this count, the jury(*) has selected nine teams, six French and three foreign, from Italy, Serbia, and Egypt. It is the treasurer of the Order of architects of Ile-de-France, Philippe Freiman, who has concluded a round-table discussion on the architecture and creation of BIM, before I reveal the winners of the contest.

Check out the charts on the following pages

(*) composition of the jury : Bertrand Delcambre (UTP), Celine Villecourt (Mairie de Saint-Prix), Hélène Alonso (Sika), Nicolas Land (architect), Eric Lebègue (CSTB), Itaï Cellar (Polantis).
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