– Consumption : what was said in the decree of application

Ségolène Royal has caused to be published, April 30, 2017, the implementing decree of the ordinance on self-consumption of solar electricity. The text defines the concept of operation for self-consumption collective and facilitates its mounting. Details.
The minister of the Environment and Energy was to publish this order before the end of the functions of the government Cazeneuve, in the aftermath of the may 7, 2017. It is this Sunday, April 30, Ségolène Royal announced the publication in the Official Journal of the implementing decree of the ordinance of July 27, 2016, which was ratified by the Parliament on February 24.
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This text, which is intended both for producers of renewable electricity to consumers and to the managers of public networks, just to clarify the concept of the operation “consumption collective”. It will feature group housing at roof or façade pv and shopping-with shade for example. According to the ministry, “the decree has been fulfilled and to facilitate the mounting of this type of operation in laying down the general principles of allocation of production“. It clarifies the role of managers of public networks, distribution of electricity in the implementation of these projects. For the benefit of the derogation to the obligation to be attached to a “balance perimeter” in order to be able to inject any surplus power on the network, the maximum power of the installations has been set at 3 kW. The manager will affect the electricity in respect of its losses.


What is the current stored and then used ?


The text also addresses the issue of storage of electricity. He said : “The quantities stored by [a] facility are considered a final consumer of the transaction and the amounts destockées like those of a production operation“. At each moment, the legal person shall indicate to the network manager the division of production associated with each participant, and the quantities of electricity consumed. For their part, managers will have to be put at the disposal of the operators of the forms allows them to declare the technical characteristics of the installation and connection, as well as its mode of operation, specifying whether the surplus electricity produced is sold to a third party.
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The order amends finally the eligibility criteria for support devices in the form of purchase or additional compensation. It is stated that the producers had not filed a complete application for a contract at the time of the publication of the text, will still 18 months to complete their installation and benefit of the terms and conditions of purchase earlier. The installations for which a complete application for a contract of additional compensation have been filed prior to the repeal of the decree of 13 December 2016, will be able to retain the benefit of these conditions.


For the time being, only 5,000 of the French are affected by own consumption, but this practice should quickly spread. In 2016, a survey OpinionWay showed that 86 % of respondents were aware of the technology and 68 % regarded it as potentially beneficial. A half of respondents declared to be even willing to invest to cover all or part of their energy needs. However, the time of decision-making before committing to expenditure and work was still relatively long (5 years or more) and people also wanted to be accompanied by the network manager before launching.

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