Constructys agrees with the State for the training of the unemployed

The OPCA construction, Constructys, has just announced the signing of an agreement with the State, in favour of the formation of 22.040 unemployed in 2017. A commitment made in the framework of the plan “500.000 further training” for the unemployed, launched a year ago by the ministry of Labour.
Constructys, the OPCA in the construction sector, has just announced it has signed, on 21 march last, an agreement with the State for the purpose of increase of 9%, in 2017, the number of unemployed beneficiaries of training actions contributing to the integration and / or returning to employment in the CONSTRUCTION industry.


“The progressive recovery of the activity in the construction sector”


By this agreement, Constructys undertakes in the framework of the plan “500.000 further education and training” for persons in search of employment, launched in march 2016 by the ministry of Labour. The OPCA’s goal 22.040 training in 2017 (which corresponds to the increase of 9%, 1.837 training). This effort leads to additional funding of € 10.3 million, financed by the organization on its budgets, professionalization, and on the calls for projects of the fund joint dedicated particularly to economic changes.


“The convention is part of a context of gradual recovery of activity in the construction sector”, can we also read in the press release Constructys. “After 8 years of loss of jobs, the CONSTRUCTION sector provides for a gradual recovery in activity in 2017.”


The key figures of Constructys, the OPCA CONSTRUCTION :
– Constructys brings together 209.208 member companies…
– …which represent 1.505.665 employees.
– The CONSTRUCTION industry represents 10% of the active population in the private sector.

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