Conference territories : the ads for the CONSTRUCTION industry

ADJUSTMENT. Several announcements regarding the construction sector have been made, the July 17, 2017 in the Senate, at the first national Conference of the territories. Tour of the horizon.
The first national Conference of the territories took place on July 17, 2017, in the Senate. Were including present members of the government and representatives of local communities. For public authorities, this event has the objective of “contracts to be entered into and evaluate the respective commitments of the State and territories in order to restore trust between the State and the communities. It will meet every six months in order to make the point on the diagnoses, the results of the work undertaken, set a schedule to work together and find shared solutions”. Emmanuel Macron has raised several during his speech.


A financial effort expected of the communities


The President expects local authorities to achieve 13 billion euros in savings over five years on their operating costs. The government has ruled out any idea of “lower provisions”, as was chosen to the do, François Hollande, during his quinquennium. “I am going to cut not the allocations in 2018”,- he said.


Overhaul of the local taxation


The President has also launched a reflection on an overhaul of local taxation, based on the work of a commission including all stakeholders. “I want the creation of a commission to revise the local tax system in view of the progressive removal of the housing tax, a tax which is unjust socially, and territorially”, he announced. “I hope that we open, within the framework of a commission work a deep reflection of the overhaul of local taxation, and in particular in substitution of the property tax”, he continued. And specify it in stride : “I intend to give until next spring (…) to carry out this exercise in-depth.” To relieve some elected officials, it is also committed to “allocating a share of national income in the commons”. “It could be a part of the CSG or CRDS, a tax is at least proportional, and who is more intelligent than is today the current property tax.”


As a reminder, the abolition of the property tax, provided over three years, the concern of many elected officials, as evidenced by recent Philippe Laurent in our columns.


Creation of a national agency for territorial cohesion


The president of the Republic has also announced the creation of a national Agency for territorial cohesion, on the model of the national Agency of urban renovation (Anru). “This agency will be designed to work in direct link with the regions”, has assured Emmanuel Macron. “The idea is to create a logical single window, and simplification, to the elect as well as for the project leaders.”

Generalization of the high and Very High speed as soon as 2020


Emmanuel Macron is committed to generalize the high and very high speed on the territory by 2020, not 2022. “By the end of the year, we will take action incentives and constraints with respect to phone operators”, he announced, triggering applause. These, indeed, are reluctant to engage in jurisdictions where the cost effectiveness for them is less.

A bill for the infrastructure


Emmanuel Macron once again reminded that the time of great projects behind us. “We will have a time of dialogue where we look at the infrastructure needs, and a time where we will decide”,- he said. “This will be decided at the end of this consultation will be the object of a law which will associate, to each project, its funding.”

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