Comfort : the Plan sustainable building wants to learn the lessons of the failures of the RT2012

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS. The Plan bâtiment durable (PBD) has just submitted a draft note on the notion of comfort in the context of the upcoming environmental regulations. Every actor who wants to can participate in the debate by writing to the PBD by 15 September 2017.
Launched in 2011, and co-driven by Alain Maugard (Qualibat) and Christian Cléret, the working group AGR 2020-2050 Plan sustainable building has just made public a draft of a note dealing with the notion of comfort in the future of environmental regulation. The document is open to consultation with the professionals, who can join the BPS until the 15th of September next, at the following address :

Learn the lessons of the failures of the RT2012


In this text, the authors of the Plan bâtiment durable consider, inter alia, that in terms of comfort, it is necessary to learn the lessons of the failures of the RT2012. It was obviously not enough account of the diversity of uses of the housing by the residents. “Do not take into account the diversity of potential uses can lead to the design of habitats that offer no flexibility in use and for which use that is not strictly compliant has significant negative consequences. […] It would be desirable to introduce the concept of scenarios in the regulations.” For the PBD, the stiffness of the frame of the RT2012 had led to damage from an energy point of view : “In some of the buildings considered to be efficient, the coils of the booster are used during the winter period, which causes a rebound of power consumption. Similarly, in periods of high heat, there is the use ‘wild’ to air conditioning devices”, note the authors.


The PBD intends to take into account the different profiles of people, each of which would be calculated the energy consumption associated with it (in order to differentiate between the consumption of a couple of the retired with those of a couple of assets absent the day). The authors of the working group AGR cite as an example the method of some real estate developers in the commercial market. “In a approach of a commercial nature, they are keen to present products that are flexible and tailored to the application. In this method, a basic project, respecting the regulation is designed in a first time. Subsequently, several scenarios of use are being tested, which leads to complexity of the specification and in a consistent manner in the project. In the end, the project studied presents a great adaptability to future takers.”


Once the contributions of the professionals are taken into account, the note will be published in its final state.

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