Co-ownership : the trustees re-pinned to their tariffs considered exorbitant

CRITICAL. Despite the implementation of the contract type there are now two years old, supposed to better supervise the activity of trustees, it would seem that the abusive practices persist. In their observatory 2017 trustees, the UFC-que choisir and the Association of managers of condominiums (ARC) point in particular of the finger, the tariffs still higher and, above all, inconsistent with the services proposed. Details.
“The trustees taking advantage of their monopoly position to engage in exorbitant prices and inconsistent”, denounces Emile Hagège, director general of the Association of managers of condominiums (ARC). “We had placed great hopes in the establishment of the law ALUR and then in the establishment of the contract-type, but it is clear that nothing changes. The trustees continue to subvert and circumvent the law,” growls he. The nervousness was palpable during the presentation to the press, Wednesday, may 24, the results of the Observatory 2017 trustees. Developed in collaboration with the UFC-que choisir, the document reveals that, in spite of the new legislative framework is expected to better regulate the profession, the abusive practices persist, including excess tariff.

The package “all inclusive” pointing the finger

Are, in particular, pointed the finger at “all inclusive packages” which have increased among all the leaders in the sector : + 37% among Loiselet Daigremont, + 33 % in Citya, + 26% in Nexity. Increases that did not fail to point out the UFC-que choisir and the ARC denouncing “rates completely crazy”. “There’s really no limit. We are witnessing a true skid price”, observes Emile Hagège.


Moreover, even when prices remain stable – this is particularly the case in Foncia and Immo France, the suspicion must be, since, as explained by the associations, this apparent stability often conceals a number of benefits revised downwards. To make matters worse, the UFC-que choisir and the CRA have also noticed that the trustees take the opportunity to simultaneously increase their hourly rate as well as the price of the special services, a way to catch up. Hence the expression “package in trompe-l’oeil”. A phenomenon confirmed by Rachid Laaraj, founder of Syneval (broker, trustee) : “in order to be able to display a limited increase in base fees from one year to the other, the latter (the trustees, editor’s note) often have significantly reduced the number of visits or reduces the presence in the General Assembly only during business hours”.


Special services and fees private, same excesses tariff


Regarding the hourly rate, the associations have denounced the fact that the amount varies randomly as a function of time of operation and the quality of the speaker chosen (assistant/director/manager). “The increase can reach up to 200 % outside working hours, causing enormous additional costs”, reveals the Observatory.
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Rates soar also on the side of the special benefits. The registration of condominiums, for example, is charged between 180 and 330 euros, an amount deemed “exorbitant” , knowing it can be done in half an hour. Of abuse which are not the acts of deprivation. The trustees are also asking for up to 840 € for a state that is dated, up to 300 € for a mortgage and up to 340 € for his release. Benefits that are the subject as stated in the ” Observatory “of a billing 3 times less by the notaries”.


In the end, the tariff increase is observed is therefore general. Worrying associations who do not see the situation evolve, and this in spite of the new legislative provisions. As a result, they renew their appeal to the DGCCRF for a strengthening of controls and the establishment of sanctions. They also argued for a better legislative framework of “all the tariffs of the trustees” not only packages but also those of the specific benefits and costs are private, while limiting the use of the vacation schedule. A decree is especially awaited : the one on the cap of the state dated. Three years after the adoption of the law ALUR, UFC-que choisir and the CRA are beginning to find the long time and have decided to make it clear to the new majority.

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