Clause Molière : Valérie Pécresse, president of the region IdF, shall be completely

The president of The Republicans of the region of Île-de-France stated that it “assume” the establishment clause Molière in public works of this territory, “to ensure security“. She has also denounced “a little communication” of the previous government which had declared this provision illegal.
Valérie Pécresse drives the nail. Despite sending a note, inter-ministerial, saying that the clause Molière imposing the use of French on the building site was illegal, the president of the region Île-de-France has reaffirmed its intention to generalize. She said “assume” its inclusion in the calls for tender of public procurement for which the region is the contracting authority, since mid-April 2017.
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The woman explains : “The previous government wanted to do a little bit of communication by distorting the clause that we passed in the Île-de-France, and by claiming that it excluded the foreign workers of the shipyards“. For it, the device “does not forbid not to speak French at the shipyards of the Île-de-France“, but leads on the contrary to “ensure the security of sites, by requiring that a translator be hired by the company that makes the site”. There are two weeks already, she said Batiactu adopt this clause for reasons of security.


Discriminatory or safe ?
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But it also admits : “of course, this adds to the cost of the worker is posted“. An additional charge which will result in (desired) “that the SME’s of the Ile-de-France are encouraged to recruit employees who live in France and understand the French“. What does “restore the relative cost of the employees settled in France in relation to posted workers“. Valérie Pécresse also maintains that the clause “is not discriminatory” and that instead, it “allows more time for the region to be exemplary in terms of safety of the workers“.


Outside of the Île-de-France, this clause has been adopted by different regional councils, such as that of the region of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. And there are mixed feelings about it. Vincent Giraudeaux, the president of the Federation of the actors of the prevention, for example, believes it is a good idea, but it will not solve all the problems related to safety on construction sites. For him, there would be no formal link between the ability to understand French and to respect the instructions of prevention of occupational risks. The unions, however, are totally opposed to this device. Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT sees “hints of ” national preference” and declares : “We want to believe that we are to fight against social dumping and it gets on employees with foundations that are xenophobic“. The controversy, therefore, is not complete, and these are the decisions of the new government that will seal the future of this clause.

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