CEA and NRC will make all R&D in renewable energies

The Compagnie nationale du Rhône (CNR) and the French atomic energy and alternative energies (CEA) have signed a collaboration agreement in research and development in new technologies of renewables. For a period of 4 years, it will focus in particular on micro-grids and solar power. Details.
The Compagnie nationale du Rhône, which claims to already have the title of “first French producer of energy exclusively renewable” – particularly thanks to the hydropower of the most powerful river in the country wants to accelerate its development in renewable energies with the help of CEA Tech, including “the excellence of research and technological innovation” is no longer to demonstrate. Elisabeth Ayrault, the president of CNR and Stéphane Siebert, director of CEA Tech in charge of technological research, have therefore signed, at the end of the month of June 2017, a collaboration agreement for a period of 4 years, the possibility of an extension depending on the progress of the projects.


This partnership will be to design and deploy innovative solutions for the production and management of renewable energies. Two axes of collaboration will be followed in a first time : solutions and management of micro-grids for areas not interconnected (island or remote), and photovoltaic solutions to equip surfaces exposed already filling other functions, such as dykes. To the first axis, it is already planned to work on the industrial demonstrator for the sustainable city of the Marie-Galante, island of sustainable tourism”, for which the CNR is driver of the “Energy & mobility”.


The RSS wants to double its capacity-wind and solar


Stéphane Siebert, CEA-Tech, says : “toContribute to the deployment of the energy mix in France in responding to the need for innovation expressed by our partner, this is the essence of the mission of technology dissemination of the CEA. This new collaboration reinforces our actions ‘New Environmental Technologies’ thanks to the synergy with a very large producer of renewable energy“. On his side, Elisabeth Ayrault, the head of the RSS, said : “Our choice of the CEA has been guided not only by the level of excellence of its engineering teams, in the service of the industry, but also by pragmatism and the will to transpose that animates them“.


The NRC produces about a quarter of French hydroelectricity, with over 15 TWh of annual power. It has a fleet of 3.55 GW, of which just over 3 GW of hydro (38 plants) more 457 MW of wind energy (37 parks) and 61 Mwp of photovoltaic (17 farms). Its ambition is to double, by 2020, its installed capacity in these two latest technologies and install 600 MW of capacity in France to more than 300 MW in Europe. The company carries out various programmes of experimentation, including the implementation of tidal river, or testing around the hydrogen for storage.

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