Carte blanche to Jean Guerville and Françoise Mauffret

Interview. Archinov, in partnership with Batiactu, gives the floor to Jean Guerville and Françoise Mauffret agency Guervilly Mauffret. The architects will present their work at a white card on the 25th of April at the headquarters of the SMA, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.
Batiactu : In the framework of your white card to Archinov, the theme that was chosen is “Paint the silence”. How are you going to raise this subject ?
Jean Guervilly :
We will talk about drawing and architecture silent, in the sense of an architecture that is concerned with why it exists. In our achievements, we are callons closer to the needs of the people. Our architecture does not exist. We strive to build well for the well-being and not for an attitude.


Batiactu : What is your architectural approach ?
Jean Guervilly :
It is important that this is simple. We are looking to build based on the technical performance of buildings. Thus, we work to build a long-term basis. Our achievements have often facades are smooth so they do not get dirty with time. We have therefore no will of special architectural. We put ourselves in the place of the masters of book and ponder what we would like to have. We are also paying attention to the technical details of the building.


Batiactu : what achievements will you talk about ?
Jean Guervilly :
We will present the latest constructions we have made. These are essentially public buildings, as they relate to the education, culture, sport…

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