Card CONSTRUCTION : where are we deploying ?

STATE OF THE PREMISES. The deployment of the map CONSTRUCTION has started from 22nd march 2017 and lasts until 30 September next to the last box. About 2 million cards that could be ordered, how many really are ?
The identification card of the BTP has begun its gradual deployment since 22 march 2017, starting with zone 1 (the regions of Aquitaine and Occitania), which was completed on 30 September in the area 5 (Region of Île-de-France and the overseas departments : Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte). While the number of employees involved was estimated at more than $ 2 million, how many cards have they been ordered ?
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If the companies of the zone 5 still have a few weeks to make an application, overall, to August 23, 2017 this are 530 000 counterfeit cards that have been issued to you, we indicated the Union des caisses de France Leave, Weather-BTP (UCF-CIBTP) that handles requests. And, nearly 170,000 of them are in the course of the application, “a volume of turnover that we observe in the last few weeks, “says-t-on.


One third of the employees concerned are equipped


The organization observes a rate of about 35% for zones 1 and 2, and 23% for zone 3. Thus, one third of the employees of the CONSTRUCTION industry would get their new card. Hard to say if this result is good or not. Two million credit card is not a target but an estimate, ” explains a member of the UCF-CIBTP. “We needed to estimate the number of employees who could be involved to size the resources to be in place. It is therefore difficult to know how much will exactly”, he says.


One thing is for sure all employees affected by this card are not so equipped. Here, too, it is difficult to know the reason or reasons. Would this be a gap in the awareness of the companies ? It may be that businesses with the old card CONSTRUCTION think do not have need of the new ? The head of the UCF-CIBTP remember, however, that this new card replaces the old one.


Strengthen the communication around the device ?


The nature of the sites could also explain these rates. “The companies with work at home individuals do not feel that they can not be concerned“, he asked. Whatever the reason, it seems that the communication around the device may need to be strengthened. Frederic Pradal, head of the application Bativigie which aims to combat illegal employment, confirms this. Businesses need help. Since its launch, 30,000 businesses have registered. “There is a real willingness of the owners to be vigilant about it“, he says. To cope with demands on the rise, it has hire a dozen people in the 6 to 10 months.
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The deployment is now complete in areas 1 to 4, companies that have not made their request to take a risk if they are controlled. The UCF-CIBTP expects an awareness of many companies during September and an increase of applications by then.


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