Capeb and PPG sign for the training of artisans-painters

Capeb and the PPG have signed a partnership agreement aimed at putting in place actions training to the artisans painter. Details.
The Confederation of crafts and small enterprises of the building (Capeb) and PPG, specializing in the paint market, have renewed their partnership aimed at training and informing the craftsmen painters to current market requirements in terms of sustainable development and the prevention of occupational risks. This agreement had first been spent as of April 2014.


This collaboration aims to raise the awareness of artisans in Painting, Glazing Coatings (PVR) in accordance with good practices and constraints related to their activity. It will also help to develop the themes for the professionals of the sector and ensure their skills. In this regard, the PPG AC France undertakes to implement actions in favour of the prevention of professional risks within its distribution network-The-Counter Seigneurie Gauthier, composed of 180 agencies in France, in consultation with the Iris-ST.


These actions will be to disseminate memos health and safety of the Iris-ST, to enrich the content of the technical training PPG in collaboration with the IRIS-ST, and perform testing with craftsmen painters to assess the evolution of the products, equipment and techniques offered by PPG AC-France.


“Many of the subjects are to develop health/safety, as well as in technique”


PPG AC France will on his side put at the disposal of the craft enterprises in the CONSTRUCTION of technical documents, awareness-raising, information and/or communication, developed in collaboration with the UNA POR of CAPEB (national Union craft Painting-Glazing-Coatings) and training, developed in collaboration with CAPEB and the Iris-ST, designed to develop the skills of artisan enterprises.


“This collaboration with PPG is the image of thinking and the approach to continuous improvement taken by the craft enterprises of the Building, every body trades”responded Patrick Liébus, president of Capeb, in a press release. “As to the painting, glazing coating, many topics are to develop health/safety, as well as in art, with technologies and carrier topics for the future of the profession.” “We welcome the continuation of this partnership with Capeb, in which the education and training of craftsmen painters to the ergonomics and security are among the phare actions”, adds for its part Loïc Derrien, General manager of the business decorative paints to PPG for EMEA South.

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