Canal Seine-North : the Prime minister wants to track funding “credible”

The Prime minister Edouard Philippe wanted to reassure various elected officials, concerned at the announcement of a “pause” in the construction of major infrastructure, of which the Seine-Nord canal. He announced the establishment of a work aimed at defining a “path of credible financing” for such projects.
The government plans to establish a “trajectory of credible financing” for major infrastructure projects “which it is not known how they are financed”, said Wednesday, July 12, Prime minister Edward Philip, when questioned on the concerns about a possible new postponement of the construction of the canal Seine-Nord. A few days earlier, the mayor of Lille Martine Aubry had asked the government to “definitively confirm” the commitment of the State “in favor” of this infrastructure. This work will be led by Elizabeth Terminal, secretary of State for Transport, when the next “Foundations of mobility”.


Questioned by the member of parliament for North Catherine Osson (REM) during questions to the government, the Prime minister announced that he was going to “share” about it “next week” with the president of the region Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand, as well as other elected officials in the north of the country, worried about announcements of the executive on a “break” of major infrastructure projects.


“A path to credible funding of infrastructure”


“We are going about this work and discuss it with those who want to move this project forward” and “we’ll see how far we can, not to stay in these incantations on the new infrastructure, which we all want, but to trace a path of serious, credible, and effective financing of these infrastructure”,- he said.


These declarations of the executive are out of their hinges the elect the north, exasperated by the specter of yet another postponement of the Seine-Nord canal. These supporters of the project believed to have done the hard in November 2016, at the conclusion of a funding agreement distributing the effort between the EU ($1.8 billion), the State (1 md), communities (1 md) and public borrowing (to 0.7 md). Manuel Valls, the then Prime minister, had gone up to hope for a first blow of the pickaxe “early 2017”.

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