Call for projects “Paris, land of games”: the four sites revealed

After the first “call for projects “sports”, organised in January 2016, the City of Paris and the communities of Seine-Saint-Denis are launching this July 10, a second called “Paris, land of games”. Four sites that can accommodate sports facilities innovative have been released.
In the same spirit of the call for projects urban innovative “Reinvent Paris” and the first “call for sports projects”, launched in January 2016, the City of Paris and the communities of Seine-Saint-Denis just to promote the second called “Paris, land of games”.


To a new report to the vacant spaces in the city


“The goal of this contest is to provide – for sports federations, clubs, operators, athletes, investors, architects and designers – to use land now unoccupied and experimenting new concepts”, he told us on 23 June 2017, Jean-François Martins, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of Sports and Tourism, on the occasion of olympic day and the party hosted by Paris 2024.


And to add : “This once again proves that Paris and the Seine-Saint-Denis bubbling of ideas in the field of sport and have a new report to the vacant spaces in the city.”


Among the proposed sites, four projects have been selected by the city of Paris and the communities of Seine-Saint-Denis. The first relates to the climbing blocks, located on the site Périchaux in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. “The company’s project ‘The Wall’/Arkose consists of the construction of a building eco-friendly for climbing blocks as well as a multitude of other indoor activities for large and small on nearly 400 m2”, reports the city of Paris.


The second project dedicated to the “electric karting”, and is located on the site of the Two-Mills (13th), the company Eko Sport, specialized in the development of events, eco-friendly, proposes to transform the old parking lot and abandoned the Two-Mills a complex of karting all-electric. It will thus offer racing electric karts ecological and environmentally friendly. “The track would be divided into three parts on two floors : based on the speed, the perspective, the scenery and the play of light”, complete the community.


The third call for project is a site of surfing, on the site of la Croix Nivert (15th). The company Maraga y propose to surf on a double artificial wave in the heart of Paris, as well as recreational areas and restoration.


Finally, the fourth and last project will be the multi-sport (paddle, crossfit, padbol, and 5-aside), provided on the site of Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis). SAS Grinta will propose an insert complementary to the sports complex in which it will be established and will gratify the city dyonisienne of several Padel courts, a new discipline, derived from tennis and very popular in Spain.


In anticipation of a vote at the Council of Paris
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Recall that the three projects in paris will be submitted to the vote of the Council of Paris in September next, subject to the necessary permissions. “The first of the openings should see the light of day in the course of the year 2018”, says the elected Jean-François Martins.


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