Call for contributions to the MOOC sustainable Building

Launched in November 2016, the platform of free online courses dedicated to sustainable building seeks to enrich of new content. The Ademe and the Plan Bâtiment Durable is launching a call for projects to accelerate the sharing of expertise.
The Ademe and the Plan Bâtiment Durable want to diversify the content of the first platform of MOOCS, on-line in the month of November last. Currently, two courses are offered, the first on the method “for successful operations and building renovation“, and the second around the “Renovation high-performance” and “key to the energy rehabilitation“. In order to propose to the interested internet users of new online training courses, projects will be selected by a jury composed of two partners and representatives of the professional bodies that are signatories of the corporate governance charter (AQC, Capeb, CCCA-BTP, Cler, CNOA, Cinov, Effinergie, FFB, Unsfa, Untec, USH, etc.).


Happy users and avid


The selection criteria will be based on the relevance of the proposed topic, objectives of the training, the financing plan and the project schedule. The first two training courses, on-line since the month of January 2017, have already attracted more than 12,000 registered, professionals and individuals. The rate of participation and success recorded are above the average of the MOOC general public : for the theme “Renovation performance”, these rates are 55% and 31% on the number registered. As to the satisfaction of the users, it is very high, with 95% of respondents who wish to follow other MOOCS around the building sustainable ! The Ademe and the Plan Bâtiment Durable triumph : “A positive result which shows that MOOCS are a tool of the future for training in the building sector“. It should be noted that Grenoble INP also offers a training on the platform France Digital University, dedicated this time to the smart electric grids and smart (“smart grids”) in which the courses are beginning.
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For those interested in the provision of content and the enrichment of the range of training courses, the French and invite them to apply on the website before one of the two following dates : Wednesday 17 may 2017 and Friday, September 15, 2017. Historically, it is the cabinet HAVE Environment, today a member of the initiative MOOCS Sustainable Building, which had been the first to put online, an interactive course on the energy performance of buildings in September 2014. Paul-Etienne Roller, its founder, explained : “Understanding the mechanisms of physical and physiological thermal comfort is a key step in the definition of building performance, because it allows you to identify the heat exchanges between the individual, the building and the external environment“. Concepts that are now essential to deal calmly with the experimental E+C – which prefigures the future of the regulation.

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