Building professionals concerned about the ubérisation of their sector

EXCLUSIVE. According to a survey conducted by the French building Federation (FFB) and Batiactu, a majority of building professionals feel that the digital platforms of relationship represent a “danger” to the profession. The FFB reacts by calling on the government to better supervise these practices.
Two-thirds of the building professionals are aware of the existence of the digital platforms of the relationship between clients and professionals. But they remain most wary of this phenomenon. This is what emerges from a survey published by the French Federation of the building and Batiactu, completed in march 2017 with 1.330 building professionals.


Thus, 63% of artisans and entrepreneurs know at least one platform on the Internet. They are only 13% affirm that they have generated a competition for their business, but 52% say that they are a danger to the profession.


“We shall not escape a form of ubérisation of the building,” Jacques Chanut (FFB)


Based on the results of this survey, the French building Federation has decided to take action by launching a plan to raise awareness of its members. But also in alerting the public authorities. “We shall not escape a form of ubérisation of the building”, assures Jacques Chanut, president of the FFB. “That is why the federation calls for legislative measures to prevent the platforms do not constitute a new focus of unfair competition.” The FFB in calls, in particular, to a stricter control of this type of platforms, such as obliging the operators to check the qualifications and insurance of the service providers that offer their services online. “We will in parallel inform and support our members who wish to work with platforms virtuous”, adds Jacques Chanut.

What are the main platforms of work-known by professionals and by individuals ? What are the trades most users of these platforms ? What are the main criteria that are taken into account in the choice of a construction company ? Discover the answers to these questions by reading the full survey FFB/Batiactu and the interview of Jacques Chanut on the site of Construcom.

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