Building : order books well filled in August

CONDITIONS. According to the figures of the Insee, published on 24th August, the business climate is slightly less favorable in August compared to the previous month. However, the order books remain well filled and ensures 7.4 months of work.
After months of growth, the economic climate in the construction industry is experiencing a month of August “a little less favorable, “notes the Insee in its monthly economic survey published this August 24. Business leaders are in effect “less likely to report an increase in their past activity“. Nothing to worry about, since the “corresponding balance is still well above its average level of long-term” and that “the balance of opinion on expected activity is stable, also well above its long-term average“.


They are also the least likely to have increased their effective and least also to consider recruiting. “The balance of opinion on expected workforce size folds down clearly for the first time since march, 2017, “notes the Insee while recalling, however, that it “remains above its long-term average“.


On the other hand, the order books are more filled than in July. Good news, “the balance is levelled regularly for the past two and a half years old and exceeds its long-term average for the past two months, “stresses the institute. The companies believe that these orders provide 7.4 months of work, “a level above its long-term average (5.5 months)“.

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