Bruno Le Maire, stigmatizes him as the cost of Housing assistance

GOVERNMENT. The Economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, has defended the government’s decisions regarding the LPA, and has stigmatized the cost of the tax policy of the accommodation in France.
“We bail the decisions of the previous government.” Once again, a member of the government to reject the ‘blame’ for the down five euros of APL on the government team previous. It is this time Bruno Le Maire, minister of Economy, who said to our colleagues at Ouest France. “The budget of the PLA has been projected on the basis of a decrease in their amount. The reduction has not took place but the budget remained the same ! Therefore, we need to implement it”, he adds.


The Economy minister also reiterated his account of the recent proprs of Jacques Mézard on the tax policy of the accommodation in France. “The housing policy, it is close to 40 billion euros, a european record. However, who benefits from these subsidies ? To the owners more than the tenants. Each time you increase the APL, you increase the prices and rents !”

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