Bouygues Immo and AccorHotels working together in the coworking

The subsidiary of real estate development, Bouygues and the group AccorHotels focus on the development of collaborative workspaces. Through located nextdoor, they intend to become the european leader in these services dedicated to new professional practices.
Flexibility, paperless, nomadic, sharing, network… The world of work is changing and, with it, the use of spaces in the tertiary. The market of collaborative workspaces is growing : in 5 years, these places may represent between 10% and 20% of the offices in France, compared to 2% today. To take advantage of this growth, Bouygues Immobilier and AccorHotels unite their strength to create “the european leader in the hospitality business” (sic). They rely on the company located nextdoor, created in December 2014 by Bouygues Immobilier alone, which will operate eight sites in France, mainly located near the railway stations of large cities (La Part Dieu in Lyon or Saint-Lazare and gare de Lyon train station in Paris) and in the areas of business devices (La Defense, Issy-les-Moulineaux).


Associate real estate expertise and excellence of service


The first objective of this alliance is “to secure the best locations” and “to rapidly obtain a critical size“. Located nextdoor is targeting a customer base of over 4,000 people by the end of the year. Each of the two partners will bring its own expertise : Bouygues real Estate in the real estate business, including in terms of site selection, negotiations or urban engineering, or relationships with large accounts and owners donors. AccorHotels, for its part, will be responsible for aspects of customer relationship, development of concierge services and operating sites. The hotel group also intends to take advantage of its distribution channels to reach new customers for the brand, located nextdoor.
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Together, they plan to create 80 spaces coworking in Europe by 2022, with a rate of 10 to 15 openings of collaborative spaces per year from 2018.


Co-working : fad or trend sustainable ?
BNP Paribas Real Estate deciphers the market for shared workspaces. For the bank, “the militant act of the years 2005-2006, has become a trend perennial with, again in 2017, a two-digit growth in the number of centres and of coworkers in the world“. Paris, with over a hundred of these centers of more than 1,000 m2 to occur even in the third place, the cities are more active in this field, after New York and Barcelona, and ahead of London ! In 2016, BNP Paribas has identified 14 new centres in the Île-de-France (45.000 m2), while in 2017, it is already 9 centres (40.700 m2) who were treated during the first few months of the year with 16 other ongoing negotiations. Result : the potential could double in the coming months.
Analysts believe that beyond the offer of square meters of office, there will be a need of services to remain competitive in this market structure. Eric Siesse explains : “The spaces of coworking resemble each other less and less. Each brand creates its own brand territory asset-backed concepts of increasingly sophisticated and innovative“. Among the players of scale include the leading Spaces (group Regus) and his challenger Wework, or the French The office (the only one in possession of a licence IV) and Startway (accompanied by Postimmo). Located nextdoor and Kwerk (focusing on the design and the well-being with areas of fitness) to complete the picture. Apart from these specialists, it is estimated that one-third of CAC 40 companies to develop their own model of coworking in-house. The model says “Flex Office” would dream of younger generations of workers, according to BNP Paribas Real Estate.

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