Book digital housing : everything you need to know

PRACTICAL SHEET. The book digital housing was introduced by the law of energy transition for green growth in August 2015. When will it be mandatory ? What will it be ? What is its purpose ? Answers.
The book digital monitoring and maintenance of housing (also called “book of health housing” or “card housing”) is a device introduced by the law of energy transition for green growth in the 18 August 2015. This book is already mandatory for new dwellings for which the building permit was filed after January 1, 2017. It will be mandatory for all dwellings subject to a mutation as of January 1, 2025.


The original idea comes from a report of the plan sustainable building dating back to 2014.


What is its purpose ?


The book digital monitoring and maintenance of housing aims to provide households with the information necessary for the proper use and the proper maintenance of their housing, so as to help them in their efforts of renovation. The book digital should eventually play a role in the real estate value of a property. In effect, a “health book” is well updated to provide the evidence that the housing has been maintained in good condition. The device should therefore support and structuring of the market of the renovation, including energy.


The book “mentions all the useful information on the proper use, maintenance and gradual improvement of the energy performance of the accommodation and the common parts when the housing is subject to the status of the condominium”, according to the law of energy transition.


That should contain the book digital housing ?


The precise contents will be known upon publication of the implementing decrees, which are expected at the earliest in 2018. It is currently the subject of an experiment conducted from December 2016. At this date, twelve award-winning projects have been designated by all actors of the building sector and the Plan for digital transition for the building (UTP). It is on the basis of the work of the winners and their experience, expected in the second half of 2017, that the decrees will be written. The regulation is, therefore, entry into force before the content of the book is precisely known.


However, we already know that the book will contain all the technical diagnostics such that the diagnostics “electricity” or “asbestos”.

What are the twelve winners engaged in the experimentation phase ?


The twelve winners designated in December 2016 are :


– Bazimo, Montpellier – Bazimo
– VP&White, Neuilly-sur-Seine – Bureau Veritas
– Costic, Saint Remy les Chevreuse
–, Puteaux – Cozy Cloud & EDF
– Ereino, Hérouville-Saint-Clair
– Intent Technologies, Lille
– Energies demain, Paris
– My Book House, Bordeaux
– Novabuild, Nantes
– PMB Software, Lutterbach
– Qualitel, Paris
– Vilogi, Paris

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