Before/After : new life for a farmhouse abandoned for 25 years

RESURRECTION. In the Yonne, a farmhouse left to the ravages of time for 25 years, was offered a second life. In less than a year, the old building has done its skin, to transform into a modern house of 245 m2, bright, warm and full of life. Story.
When the work began in April 2016, in this farmhouse in the Yonne (89), the site promises to be colossal. For this space abandoned for the past 25 years, the desire of customers was to build a family home. “The idea was to convert this farmhouse. With the ground-floor a living room and a room for our customers, and then to the floor of the areas able to receive their children and grandchildren”, explains Arnaud Lenoir, interior designer and CEO of the company blackStones.


However, absolutely everything was to be done. The previous owners had themselves abdicated in the face of the magnitude of the work. The set was devoid of heating, equipped with an electrical system is antiquated, the soil was by place of beaten earth… “to heat the house, we opted for a stove to pellet and firewood that heats the whole living room. It is in particular coupled to a heated floor. With the VMC double flow, the heat rises and is re-circulated throughout the house. The radiators have just been installed in the rooms upstairs”, says Arnaud Lenoir. And this is not all, a new electric network has been deployed, a septic tank dug etc On its living area of 245 m2, not less than 80 m2 have been added…
Fruit of a collaboration between the two agencies, blackStones interior Architect and Erase-Vaez Architect, with a budget of 250,000 euros and almost a year of work, the farmhouse appears unrecognizable. On the first floor, to the destination of the family, now found, two bathrooms, a dormitory, a bedroom with two separate beds and one for parents.


The whole, himself, oscillates between modernity and stamp of the former. Furniture and contemporary décor alongside the wood through it, including some antique furniture and a magnificent roof structure is pervasive. As well as creating a warm atmosphere which only the country houses have the secret. This farmhouse forgotten appears, therefore, to have returned to life. The proof is in the following pages.
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