Before the REIT, Jacques Mézard announcement “a policy promoting innovation”

MEETING. Jacques Mézard is stepped in this July 6, 2017 at the annual congress of the Federation of real estate Developers. The minister of territorial Cohesion has unveiled the government’s priorities for housing.
The minister of territorial Cohesion has booked one of his first public appearances to the actors in real estate development, met for two days to the annual conference of the REIT at the musée du Quai Branly in Paris. In the preamble, Alexandra Francois-Cuxac, president of the FPI, said : “We welcome your visit and especially for your appointment at the head of a department, which is being expanded, and that included the housing“. Real estate is “a cornerstone of the cohesion of our territories, “she added.


Let us build better, faster and cheaper“, Alexandra Francois-Cuxac


Alexandra Francois-Cuxac requests the government to trust to the actors of the promotion. “Let us build better, faster and cheaper“, she launched the minister. “The professionals that we are able to build the city of tomorrow, providing they can undertake, to innovate and produce“. And for this “we need acts strong and sustainable”. In 2016, the bookings of accommodation have been restored to their 2010 level, “she recalled, noting that these were equally distributed between home and the rental.


We need to maintain the support of the application, which is at the origin of this renewed, and put in the time“, she added. “This requires the support of the rental investment, which is the keystone of the production of housing. The weakening would weaken the overall production of housing. Does break not the dynamic that is at work by making precipitates. Let’s not forget that if the rental investment is costing the State 1.6 billion euros, it reports $ 2.2 billion. “While the French still preferred the stone to invest, arrow shooter even more of their savings towards real estate would be positive and virtuous, “says Alexandra Francois-Cuxac.


Housing is already suffering from a tax overwhelming”, Alexandra Francois-Cuxac


Regarding just the tax, “it is not necessary to hide the face“, “the debt is high” and “we can’t continue like this, “said Jacques Mézard announcing that “arbitrations will be made on the budget in 2017“. But when asked if he believes that the investment schemes rental cost too expensive compared to what they report, Jacques Mézard refuses to respond. A question that remained, therefore, in abeyance, whereas promoters present in the room, would have liked to have an answer.


Yet, for the president of the REITS, because “housing is already suffering from a tax overwhelming“, “it is necessary to avoid a revision of the ISF, which would only apply to the estate” she argued. “J‘ve attracted his attention, not to bad economies“, has entrusted us with Alexandra Francois-Cuxac at the end of this meeting. She insists : “I recall that on the rental investment, and the device Pinel who talked a lot about it and that has greatly helped the construction sector to exit the crisis, this device is virtuous financially“.


We need builders, developers, “he “should therefore be easier for you to work“, Jacques Mézard


On housing, the minister of territorial cohesion has desired given his vision. It is meant to “facilitate the act of entrepreneurship” because “we need builders, developers“. He admits that he “should therefore be easier for you to work“. For all that, if it is to be in agreement with them on certain matters, it held specified that it might “not always be in agreement with their requests“. In the top priorities of the government, there is the desire to “bring our country out of the blockages that are his own“, he said. “We believe that it is possible to make things move, to release and protect. This means that it is necessary to give confidence and gather“.


Highly anticipated, the question of the simplification, the minister confirmed that the government wanted to simplify because “it is an important issue,” but cautioned that “it’s not going to happen in eight days“. “The order has already been given to the authorities to work to this simplification“, he reassured. “With your help, we’re going to do it on the right and soil on all areas of the building, “said the minister.


Innovations : “France must be in advance and copy”


On appeal, Jacques Mézard said her interest in and attention to “punish the use of abusive“, he considers “outrageous“. However, it was noted that in all these appeals, “there was not that of the brigands“, and that sometimes these actions “raise questions that have not been studied upstream“. And announce : “We are in the process of we care for to find solutions“.


Your coming is all the more important that we live a particular moment and which has been made mutations spectacular,” which does not seem to spare any sector of activity“, welcomed alexandra Francois-Cuxac. Mutations of our society who were also the central theme of this annual congress of the REIT. “The promoters are adapting to it already, they adapt to the needs of our citizens, “said the President of the REIT, noting that “to meet this demand in anticipation of all the moments“.


Jacques Mézard is aware that these innovations are very much present in the field of construction. It has also announced that it will conduct a policy promoting innovation “because they are a means of facilitating the social bond, to make savings in the current management and lower costs in housing“, and because “there is aneed to find new materials of construction, and facilitating research“. He also recalled the importance of working for the development of networks of intelligent (smart grid), because “France must be in advance, and exemplary in this area“. To do this, “we will do our best to help you out and we’ll do it together“, he concluded. “Jacques Mézard was not there to make proposals“, has entrusted the president of the REIT, recalling meetings with the minister were scheduled in the near future.



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