Auto-entrepreneurs : the doubling of the ceiling of turnover divided

REACTIONS. The economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, has announced the doubling of the ceiling of turnover for micro-entrepreneurs, the new name of the auto-entrepreneurs, a commitment of the president Macron. A decision criticised by the CPME, but welcomed by the Union of auto-entrepreneurs.
“We keep our commitments”, says the minister of economy, Bruno Le Maire. Among them, the doubling of the ceiling of turnover to maintain the status of self-employed – now called micro-entrepreneurs – as the latter announced for 2018. “Yes, this measure will be included in the finance bill”, which will be presented in September, he said in an interview in the Dauphiné Libéré.


As a reminder, the ceiling is currently set at 82.800 euros per year for the sale of goods and 33.100 euros for a provision of service. The threshold is increased, therefore, to 165 600 for the sales of goods and 66 200 euros for the provision of services.


We keep our commitments !


– Bruno Le Maire (@BrunoLeMaire) August 25, 2017


An announcement immediately criticised by the Confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises CPME), which calls for concerted action, because “the auto-entrepreneurs benefit of a tax-specific social and which generates, in certain sectors, unfair competition to be unacceptable compared to other forms of societal, and especially of the artisans.”


“We should not deceive ourselves, a France of self-entrepreneurs could not invest heavily or hire”, CPME
In order not to continue to “undermine whole sections of our economy, whether it’s services or building”, the employers ‘ organisation that is more relevant to make “a distinction between income booster and main activity” : “the status of micro-company should, in the latter case, be limited to a period of 3 years before going under a statute of common law, and what to avoid entrepreneurship at different speeds”.


“We are developing in our country an in-house competition”, Patrick Liébus, President of Capeb


This announcement is also poorly perceived by the actors of the building. “This is counter-productive“, we entrusted Jacques Chanut. “This will strengthen unfair competition“, writes the President of the FFB, who would have preferred that the government “simplifies the lives of those who create wealth and employment.


Patrick Liébus, as president of Capeb and a member of the U2P, does “not understand this decision“. At the same time that employers ‘ organizations are received to find solutions to help businesses grow and create jobs and that the head of State defends the revision of the directive to posted workers, “are developed in our country into an internal competition,“he said, deeming it “contrary to“. “I say alert attention“, he continues,”the artisans can no longer bear to see this unfair competition […] which tarnishes the image of our sector.” Finally, it adds that “this is not a status that allows you to develop, it must therefore remain tentative“.

For the Union of Auto-entrepreneurs, a promise kept, which is good, but we must not forget the other

The Union of Auto-entrepreneurs was, she appreciated the confirmation of the doubling of the ceiling from 2018 to benefit from the plan auto-entrepreneur but “recalls the high expectations raised by other promises of the President of the Republic on the independent work : allowance sudden loss of activity, reform of the RSI and convergence of social protection”.


Grégoire Leclercq, president of the Federation of Auto-Entrepreneurs (Fedae), also believes that this measure is “encouraging” and “unifying”. “It would allow some craftsmen or traders in the regime of common right to enjoy the simplicity of the regime,” he explained to AFP.

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