Asbestos survey : the Afnor has published the new version of the standard

The Afnor has announced the release of the new version of standard NF X46-020 on the achievement of the locations of asbestos in buildings.
The Afnor has announced the publication of a new version of the standard NF X46-020, which defines how to perform a registration of asbestos in buildings. Updated by the professionals involved, it enters into application on 1 October 2017.


The perimeter of the text is unchanged : it gives the methodology and the modalities of achieving the tasks of identification of asbestos in the built buildings, the missions of flagging prior to construction, the role of the different actors (operator tracking and client), and the elements to be included in the reports. All of the processes and obligations described in this standard apply to all buildings and industrial processes.


Four main developments are contained in this new version of the text :


– a definition more suitable to the responsibilities incumbent on the client and the operator identification ;
– the appearance, in appendix A, the concept of areas with similarities of structure (“ZPSO”) to optimize the functioning of the mission of identification, or even reduce the number of samples to be performed ;
– opportunities for the operator identification, to conclude to the presence or absence of asbestos, according to the various situations encountered ;
– a description of surveys and samples to be made for different works ;
– a presentation of the techniques to be used for surveys, and in particular the tools that can be used.


The tracking before works integrated into the text


This standard also includes changes to the labour code (article R. 4412-97-II) on the identification of asbestos prior to work. It is the first of a body of standards that cover each of the 6 areas of activity provided for by the regulations :
– buildings (NF X46-020, published);
– other real property such as land, civil engineering works and transport infrastructure ;
– rolling stock for railway and other rolling stock for transportation ;
– ships, boats and other floating devices ;
aircraft ;
– installations, structures or equipment contributing to the achievement or implementation of an activity.


The sightings take place from the 1st October will be required to follow the provisions of this standard. In the meantime, the 2008 version of the standard will continue to be applied. However, the public contracts awarded during this transitional period will need to refer to the new version of standard NF X46-020, for the part of the market subsequent to September 30, 2017.


This standard is known to be cited as a reference, by-laws, in the framework of the application of the law to work ” law El Khomri “.

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