Arcom placed on the bluetooth to connect the building tomorrow

The manufacturer of smart automation Arcom has launched a new system to manage the connectivity in the building which is the password to the wifi. The company relies on bluetooth for remote control of virtually the building and hope to develop many services.
Inventing the building connected of tomorrow in the service of the users and the technical management of buildings, such is the ambition of the group Arcom, a specialist in the building automation and automation of street lighting to energy management. The business of Chalon-sur-Saône has just launched a new device dubbed MyArcom. Its uniqueness ? Without the wifi using bluetooth.


The use of this technology has many interests, explain the leaders of the company. It is “present on all smartphones and known to all users“, it does not use the local network of the building, she does not have additional remote control and it does not need to use mobile data, argue they.


Enable geolocation in the building


In concrete terms, this new system is composed of an element equipped with a transmitter, a bluetooth receiver, which recovers the transmitted information by a smartphone and sends it to a controller job that allows control applications to manage both the lighting, air conditioning, blinds… commands directly controlled by an app, downloadable free of charge.


This new system also has a new geolocation solution within buildings. Thanks to sensors bluetooth installed in the ceilings, the solution developed by the company will also allow users to be guided precisely in a building. For example, to find a meeting room, the office of a coworker… The company works for example with ADP (Paris Airport) for the implementation of such a system in the airports. By downloading the application travellers could be guided easily from one point to another. With these solutions, using the bluetooth, Arcom hope to develop many other services within the buildings.

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