Architects : Series of decrees and promises of Emmanuel Macron to the profession

RULES. The decrees concerning the architects are likely to be published by the end of this quinquennium : enabled, work-board, global mission in the public markets… Catherine Jacquot commented on these latest measures related to the mandate of François Hollande and evokes the early exchanges of the CNOA with Emmanuel Macron.
A few days of the end of the quinquennium of Francois Hollande, the departments have been activated to publish the final text. Since the beginning of the month, several decrees concerning the architects are published. Last in date, the long-awaited Permit to do so. Catherine Jacquot, President of the National Council of the Order of Architects (CNOA), gives us his feedback on the latest published texts. The occasion also about the first contacts of the Order with the team’s new head of State.


Publication of the decree on the permit to


This is the final decree related to the law on the freedom of the creation, architecture and heritage published published. The text on the permit to do so has been signed on 10 may 2017 by the ministers of Housing and of Culture and should be released this may 11, 2017 in the Official Journal. “This is a first step“, has entrusted us with Catherine Jacquot. “This first order does not include all the fields, including those related to the environment, “explains the President of the CNOA. “Given the delays and the need for a public consultation, it was too just for that these fields are included “, but “it was very important for us that a first order is already released“, she says. A second decree amending, supplementing the fields of intervention should be published before the summer, we said it.


Catherine Jacquot recalls that this measure was very well received by all actors of the building sector, which had issued a favourable opinion.


The works embedded software : the decree as amended is published


The version rewritten of the decree imposing the boarding of insulation work when facelift was released may 10, 2017 in the Official Journal. At its first publication, the text had raised the ire of preservationists, architects, who feared the undermining of the architecture of the old buildings. The new decree enters into force on July 1, 2017.


Although she has worked for the amendment of this text, Catherine Jacquot, nevertheless, remains “undecided on this decree“. “A technical definition should not be included in a regulatory document“, she said adding “this is not a procedure suitable“. It recognizes, however,”that a part of the new decree improves the situation of a part of the heritage“.


Core Mission in public contracts overall, a “nice step forward

Another decree of the act CAPE town, on architects, has been published there has already been a few days (may 5, 2017), the defining the content of mission management, the basis for public procurement at the global level. “It is a nice step forward, “says Catherine Jacquot. It is “a major element for the architectural quality“. This text states that the mission of the master of works will include all stages of the project, from design to receipt through execution.


Regulated status of the profession and independence of the companies architectures, the point of view of Emmanuel Macron


If at the end of this quinquennium, many texts have been published, some of the topics of concern to architects. During the presidential campaign, the CNOA had sent a letter to the teams of the candidate Macron to know his point of view on the status of the regulated professions, and its position with regard to the independence of the architectural firms. On may 2, 2017, the College has received a response reassuring. In its letter of response, the team of Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that he was convinced of the special role of the architect in particular for the public interest, explains Catherine Jacquot.


He said he was also attentive to the preservation of the independence of the profession and not planning to go back on the rules of the capital of companies or firms of architects currently in force and that suits us perfectly“, says she. “We are reassured because the profession feared a liberalization that would have weakened the profession, “adds the president of the CNOA. “The architects will therefore remain in the majority in the capital of companies or firms of architects“.


But the work does not stop there. During the presidential election campaign, the Order had sent a list of 21 proposals to the candidates. And even if the new president comes to be elected, the CNOA intends to promote its proposals at the legislative, “with a focus on the quality of production of the city on which architects and other stakeholders, such as landscapers, intends to engage, “stresses Catherine Jacquot. This architectural quality will be the central theme of the summer universities organized by the CNOA, July 7 next to the theatre in The Monfort in Paris.

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