“Archi BIM”, a book to convert the anti-BIM

READ. François Pélegrin, a pioneer of the digital model and enthusiastic proponent of this ‘shake-out Inter-Major”, sign a book sub-titled : “focus on building by 2020.” He challenges his fellow architects, and all the actors of the construction on the need to quickly change their work habits to improve efficiency.
The BIM is a controversial subject among professionals of the construction : some are supporters of a rapid transition to digital and only see benefits in terms of quality of execution, timeliness, or reliability in the trade. Others are reluctant to accept this radical change of method of work and are reluctant to enter, due to lack of time, money or motivation. François Pélegrin is an architect who belongs unmistakably to the first class. And he wanted to address to those of the second, by means of a book entitled “Archi BIM, focused on the building 2020”, designed to convince the most hostile environments.
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A pioneer of the numerical question, the one who is honorary president of the Unsfa, and a member of the office of the Building Plan is Sustainable, addresses all the themes dear to him : through the BIM approach, it is considering projects more efficient, more solidarity, more human and more fun. In addition to his design staff ‘shake-out Inter-Major” and its idea of win-win situation for all the stakeholders of a project, it also addresses the aspects of sustainable development and the sustainability of information throughout the life cycle of the building. The author also discusses the training to be followed and equipment to be acquired. Editions PC note : “This illustrated book, a real cry from the heart, engages the architect as the other stakeholders of the building on the urgency of singing the paradigm and adopt the collaboration tools that the industry uses for decades“.


The book, of 96 pages, is prefaced by two other luminaries in the world of construction, Bertrand Delcambre, president of the Plan Transition to Digital in the Building, and Philippe Pelletier, chairman of Plan Bâtiment Durable, two other advocates of the digital mock-up.read also

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