Anne-Sophie Grave was appointed to the directorate of real Estate 3F

BOOK. At the end of the general assembly and the board of directors of Immobilière 3F, Anne-Sophie Grave was appointed director general. It will succeed to Yves Laffoucrière.
Appointment and re-election within real Estate 3F this July 4, 2017. At the end of its general assembly and its board of directors, the current president Christian Baffy was renewed in his functions, and Anne-Sophie Grave was named general manager of real Estate 3F effective 1 August 2017.


The latter, a graduate of the École des mines in Paris, began his career in the banking sector and then in the edition. In a press release, real Estate retraces the course of his career : “In 1993, she became a technical adviser in charge of industrial research to the ministry of Research and higher Education. His career in the world HOUSING starts in 1998 when it took over the management of the project management of the Opievoy, and then managing director until 2006. The master-word of his mandate : the transversal, indispensable to intervene on a heritage largely located in a sensitive area. From 2007 to 2011, she chaired the executive board of Efidis, a subsidiary of SNI, where she joined the executive committee and then the executive board in 2010. Its main action : an active policy of construction and the driving of the change of the ownership majority. Since 2011, Anne-Sophie Grave was the director of the pensions and of solidarity in the Caisse des Dépôts group, and a member of the group executive committee. In this capacity, she has led large-scale transformation using the levers digital“.


Previously director of pensions and of solidarity in the group Caisse des Dépôts, Anne-Sophie Grave has exercised several functions in the social housing sector throughout his career. A 57-year-old, she succeeds, therefore, to Yves Laffoucrière to the general directorate of real Estate 3F, which asserted his rights to retirement and was appointed special advisor to the presidency for Action in Housing from the 1st of also

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