Anne Hidalgo is committed to opening 6.5 km from the Little Belt by 2020

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, announced on may 2, the opening 6.5 km of linear further between 2017 and 2020. This will bring to 10km from the linear to the Small Belt accessible to Parisians and to visitors. In total, three teams and collectives in the countryside and the urban planning, which had been mandated with the local residents to think about new spaces.
Most of promenade for the Parisians ? After an announcement on April 29, 2017, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is committed, by means of a press release on may 2, 2017, to launch an extra stroll along the old railway line of the petite ceinture. By the end of its mandate, in 2020, 6.5 km of waterways will be accessible to visitors, thus forming a walk of 10 km and 20 hectares in all.


“Anne Hidalgo is attached to each public enterprise in Paris would be the subject of a participatory approach, has reminded us this Thursday, the entourage of the mayor of Paris. His will being that the Parisians are fully associated to thoughts but also to decisions that are taken by the elected officials.”


Before adding : “The new areas open progressively from 2018 to form by 2020 a loop to be enlarged to almost the whole of the capital. For the development of these spaces, the town hall will involve the participation of the Parisians.”


Anne Hidalgo announced that the 10 kilometers of the Petite ceinture in Paris will be open by 2020 © City of Paris

To a fixed schedule over two years


In details, the city of Paris is committed as soon as 2018 in the 20th district in a portion between two long tunnels, located to the south of the street of the Mare. “It will be a green lung natural accessible to the public from rue de la Mare and the rue Ménilmontant”, she says. This time, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, “a sequence in the trench is expected in 2018 between the promenade Broussais, and the avenue du General-Leclerc at the height of the old station Orleans-Belt.”


In addition, a sequence in the trench will be built in 2018 along the boulevard Pereire, to the west of the place de Wagram (rue Alphonse-de-Neuville) and the rue de Saussure. In 2019, the city expects to create in the 12th district the portion between the villa du Bel-Air and the street of the Millers. Her goal is to connect “the planted promenade René-Dumont and the bois de Vincennes to the Little Belt.”


Furthermore, the municipality states that the “proposals of the participatory Budget on the Little belt are integrated in the device and half of them have already been the subject of study, testing, or prototype development, says the town hall.” Since the month of April 2017, nine sites called “stations” welcome in addition, workshops open to citizens framed by three collectives. The activities that will develop along the Small belt must be compatible with the free movement of the public.


Three teams of urban planners and collective mandated


Finally, the mayor of Paris has stated that three collective have been commissioned by the City of Paris to accompany the citizens in the design of new uses : The team Floquart & Dior, a specialised agency in the landscape architecture and urban planning ; the team OIKOS, a structure that provides for several years of the building of co-construction of the city and finally the Noise of the Fridge, located in Bordeaux, which will be the responsibility of the theme of “soft mobility”.


Let’s remind that since 2006, several sections have been open to the public and converted into gardens and walks in the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 18th districts.


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