An excavator Cat steals (almost) the star with the Autobots of Transformers

A construction vehicle Caterpillar made an appearance in the latest installment of the saga of Michael Bay’s “Transformers : the Last Knight“. Check out his role (memorable) in this movie to a big show where all kinds of vehicles turn into giant robots very warlike.
The generic is prestigious : Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Optimus Prime, Cat 320… The shovel on caterpillars of Caterpillar is part of the cast of the 5th episode of the Transformers film, entitled “The Last Knight” and still directed by Michael “Big explosions” Bay. It is funny to note that JCB, competing brand, had “kidnapped” an Oscar last year.
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But a real question arises : the craft Caterpillar is it a nice Autobot or a villain while pitting ? Elements of response with Jessica Nunley, responsible for global Marketing of the american group : “the values assigned to the film franchise Transformers, namely, the strength, the loyalty, the protection is perfectly in line with those of the Caterpillar. The Autobots take on the role of partners who help the hero of the movie to face all challenges, Caterpillar sees its partnership with its customers in the same way“. Without surprise, the backhoe is therefore in the camp of the gentiles.



For moviegoers, the big machine 23 tons can be seen in the scene of the heist automotive industry, where the robot tries to blend in among the carcasses, with the help of the main character Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg). But it was without counting on the emergence of a… Tyrannosaurus mechanical a dozen feet of height to the character little docile and discretion.
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Going a step further in the metaphor, Kurt Norris (no relation to Chuck), the marketing director of the division of Construction & Infrastructure, compared to the humanoid robots of Transformers, and the progress made in the field of automation at Caterpillar : “through the integration of technologies, Cat Connect such as the Link, Grade, Payload and Detect, Caterpillar is changing the construction industry by improving its productivity, its efficiency gains and the protection of workers on site. We entered the Iron Age Smart“. Fingers crossed for all construction machinery remain friendly…


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