An artificial island to save lake Chad ?

Reduced to a tenth of its surface pristine, the lake Chad is dying in Africa. An architect in cameroon has, therefore, devised a system to save it and to allow its millions of residents to survive with him. Discovery.
Between the 1960s and the beginning of the years 2000, lake Chad, the real lung of a desert region shared between four countries (Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger) has risen to more than 25,000 km2 in average less than 2,000 km2. At the same time, the population installed on its banks has doubled to over 20 million souls. The levies were increased for the irrigation of crops in this arid and dams installed on rivers upstream have drastically decreased the intake of fresh water and reduced the average depth, to the point of making navigation impossible. Faced with this situation, various projects have been échafaudés, including the digging of a canal between the lake basin and the Ubangi river, located in the central African republic to 1.350 km away…


The architect of cameroon Hermann Kamte had another idea : to use the waters of the gulf of Guinea in the desalinating – to raise the level of the lake. But far from being limited to a simple matter of pumping and re-injection of sea water, it has planned a series of activities around a central point, materialized by an artificial island, called “The Forgotten – Dead or Alive”. Item main, pipe, piped water and bring the water from the Atlantic coast of Cameroon to the destination. On-site, the structure to be built on the lake will filter and treat it before discharge into the environment. A centre for the study of the waters will also be established in the island, in order to help better understand the ecology of the lake and accelerate its recovery. It is hoped that a better management of resources will happen of the device for pumping sea water to the horizon of 2080.


The Forgotten © Hermann Kamte


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The artificial island will not forget anyone, because a clinic will be planned for the populations of the lake. It is also envisioned that the location to serve as a… base of water sports to attract tourism and generate income in the local economy. On the shores, of the projects of tree plantations and well-planned irrigation of the crop are also considered. There remain two questions : first, the technical complexity of the realization of a pipeline over several hundreds of kilometers in order to transport the sea water up in the heart of the continent. The second is that of financing by the countries bordering the lake, and possible international aid. Recall that in the same order of idea, Jordan plans to resuscitate the Dead sea through a pipeline channeling water from the Red sea. A project of a smaller scale, since the distance to cover is “only” 180 km, the gravity helps the flow and the water will not of course be desalinated…


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