An architect designed villa perched on the hill of Hyères

A Hyères, in the Var, the firm Architecture 54 has imagined an architect designed villa on a site that is very steep. Its shape is inspired by origami and military architecture.
The challenge was daunting : to establish a villa on a very steep terrain, and make a home for both family and able to serve as a place for receptions. It has been noted by the cabinet Architecture 54, based in Marseille. And this gives the “villa Watch”, located on the hill of Hyères (Var).


“We had never built on a terrain too steep”, explains Batiactu Pascale Bartoli Architecture 54. “We have completely embraced my shape of the lot to limit the area of earthworks. We wanted to accompany architecturally this climb.” Another objective was to put the best in value, from the house, the views of the salins of Hyères.


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