All of the lights to green for the first offshore wind farm breton

The wind farm project “Wings of a Marine” of the bay of Saint-Brieuc has received all the permissions necessary for its construction. This grant should allow to start the installation of the machines in the second half of the year 2018. The prototype of the turbine giant Adwen AD 8-180 is being tested in Germany. Details.
The wind park of Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d’armor), awarded in April 2012 to the consortium Iberdrola-Areva-Technip has received all the necessary permissions. After having obtained the green light from the public investigation Commission in the month of January last, the project company “Wings Marines” ad will now have three sesame administrative essential : “the concession of use of the public maritime domain, the single authorisation for installations works the work and activities (…) and the approval of the project ” private“. What progress in the construction of the first offshore wind farm in Britain.
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The work could therefore begin in the second half of 2018, with the installation of piles, intended to receive the foundations “jacket”, driven into the seabed. An electricity sub-station will also be assembled on land and then deployed in the area in order to concentrate the production of energy transported from each turbine through cables. These latter will themselves be raised and “ensouillés” (buried) by a vessel specialized to protect them from the elements and navigation. The machines will then be transported on-site in the seven elements, by barge or boat auto truck fitted with a crane : the three sections of mast, a nacelle with hub, rotor, and three blades. Tests and technical verifications will follow, with the operator of network TEN, before the industrial commissioning of the park, expected by the end of 2020.


The machines finally produced in Germany
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The machines were originally scheduled to be built by Areva, but the industrialist was forced to transfer his activities wind turbines (Adwen) to Siemens-Gamesa. These gear of a power unit of 8 MW are under development in Bremerhaven (Germany). The prototype is being assembled, to earth, to undergo a test campaign. The model AD 8-180 (to 180 meters rotor diameter) is derived from the proven platform 5 MW of Adwen, of which the company has already built and delivered nearly 1 GW of capacity (200 machines). Addition, Saint-Brieuc, it will also be deployed in two other offshore projects, French to Dieppe-Le Tréport and between the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier.


In Britain, the 62 wind turbines that will reach 216 meters at the blade tip, will be installed at 16.3 km of cape Freels, 27,7 km from the Brehat island and 37 km away from Jersey. A total capacity of 496 MW, they will produce 1.850 GWh/year, covering the electricity consumption of the 850,000 or so people. The project “Wings of a Marine” will require an investment of 2.5 Bn € (non-network connection) and completely private and with no public subsidy, but that will, according to his actors, to create about 2,000 jobs. The port of le Havre had been originally chosen to host the industrial base of this set, with an assembly plant for nacelles, a plant for the production of blades, a bench and an area of pre-assembly and storage of components. The objective, which was to propose a wind turbine “made in France”, thus seems to move away. The blades will eventually be produced in the factory, LM Wind Power in Cherbourg. As regards the manufacturing of electrical sub-station and foundations the jacket, the port of Brest had been selected for its ability to receive a manufacturing area and storage of these metal elements of large dimensions.

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