Alain Maugard : president of Qualibat

Alain Maugard is since 2009 president of Qualibat, the association intended to “promote reliability in the building” via labels of certification and qualification rewarding ” craftsmen and construction companies have demonstrated their skills and their know-how “.
By June 2017, there are 70 000 professionals trained and certified by Qualibat. Born in April 1943, this function allows you to Alain Maugard, who retired with effect from 2009 continue to decline for his passion and commitment professional for the building, to which he has devoted his entire career as an engineer and high official. It has led the public institution of the Defence and was interested very early in the question of the energy transition in the field of construction and housing.


Milestones key career

• 2009 : president of the association Qualibat.
• 2008 : responsible of the section “risks, security and safety,” the general Council of the environment and sustainable development.
• 1993 : president of the center for scientific and technical building (CSTB).
• 1990 : director of the public establishment for the development of the Defense.
• 1984 : director of construction, ministry of Housing.
• 1981 : deputy director of the office of the minister of town Planning and Housing.
• 1978 : head of the department of technical policy for the management of the construction and permanent Secretary of the ” Construction Plan “.
• 1975 : deputy director of the DDE of Meurthe-et-Moselle.
• 1972 : head of planning, operational and construction to the DDE of the Hauts-de-Seine.
• 1967 : joined the ministry of Equipment as head of studies on the rationalization of budgetary choices the department of economic affairs, and international.


The major projects of his career

Alain Maugard is an initiator in France of the concept of ” positive energy building “. Field man, at ease in the circles of the high administration, he is also an engineer who has always led his action guided by a reflective approach to the challenges the construction sector has been facing in recent decades.
Very early awareness of the issue of the energy transition and to the standards and new process that would result in the construction sector, its work has fed some of the conclusions of the Grenelle Environment forum.


It is logical that the last part of his professional journey has led him to lead the scientific and technical Centre of the building, and now, even retired, to chair the certification body, Qualibat. “To develop his skills and get recognition, it is the interest of all companies, in particular those of the building in the current period. The structures are more complex to design and build. The sector as a whole is engaged in a dynamic of innovation without precedent, ” he said in 2009 at the site of the FFB when it takes over the reins of Qualibat. It has thus been established audits of site in order to better take into account the know-how “in situ” of professionals and in the field of certification, set up a ” nomenclature offensive “. “This reflects the developments in the building trades, and preserves their value-added. This is particularly true for what concerns the energy-efficient renovation ” he explained in the same interview, announcing a desire to better accompany the professionals in this transformation through partnerships with federations (FBB, Capeb, etc.).



• 1966 : a graduate of the École Polytechnique (class of 1962), engineer of the Ponts et Chaussées.

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