Alain Dinin, CEO of Nexity

Alain Dinin is since 2004 the President and ceo of the Nexity group, present in all areas of real estate (sponsor, transactions, management).
Co-leader with Bouygues real Estate sector, Nexity has made in 2016 a turnover of 3.1 billion euros for a net profit of $ 139.1 million. The group employs more than 7,000 people.
Born in February 1951, Alain Dinin has integrated as early as 1978, as general manager, the company Georges V specialized in real estate development and property of the family Arnault. It was sold in 1995 to a subsidiary of Générale des Eaux, the General Company of real Estate and Services, including Alain Dinin became in 1996 director and general manager.


In 2000, the group turns into Nexity after you have absorbed the pole property of Vivendi. Alain Dinin is the vice-president. He was appointed CEO in 2004. With the networks of franchise Century 21 and Guy Hiccups, Nexity is an operator of major residential real estate, corporate real estate and related services (trustees). More than 70 % of shares are free float.*


In may 2017, Alain Dinin has announced the creation of the Foundation, Nexity, whose purpose is to work ” for a more inclusive city where every person weakened (re)find its place, prospects for the future, the capacity to act and the way to accomplish. Its areas of intervention are housing in its use, the employment, training and education “.


Professional career

– 2004 : President and general Manager of Nexity.
– 2003 : Chairman of the executive Board of Nexity.
– 2000 : Vice-President and general Manager of Nexity.
– 1996 : Director and chief executive officer of CGIS (Compagnie Générale d real Estate and Services).
– 1978 : general Manager of the “George V” and Férinel.
– 1975 : Joined The Union, Land and Financial (a subsidiary of Credit Lyonnais) as management controller.


The major projects of his career

Already very present in the arena in the media (which is legitimate when one runs a company of which more than two-thirds of the shares are floating : it must capture the interest and sometimes to reassure the stock markets), in march 2017, Alain Dinin has opened a blog. “When one is president of Nexity, open a blog, in the period of electoral campaign, aimed to a selected audience, concerned and informed on the issues of town planning, of housing, of living together is a initiative sense,” he explained from the outset.


In February 2017, in Paris-Match, the leader touted the results of Nexity : “Our results are exceptional and long-lasting in the fifty-odd professions that we operate in. We recorded 18 890 bookings in the new residential, or 35% increase in volume compared to 2015 and a market share that reached 12.7 percent. We have erased the crisis. Our backlog reached a historic level at € 4 billion, representing 19 months of activity, and allows us to estimate our results over two years from financial markets, that is, 300 million in 2017 and $ 325 million in 2018. The dividend increases of 2.20 euros in may 2016 at 2.40 euros for may 2017. “After the reorganization of the governance, to a” organization by client, together with the organization by business area ” (press release group), Nexity is also a lot to digital. In term of internal organization or to target new markets (creation of sites dedicated to real estate). “We know that 70% of our current investments are doomed to failure. This is the principle of the innovation. The development of each product will cost 1 to 2 million per year… “, admitted in the same interview to Paris Match.


But Alain Dinin also seeks the opportunity of the olympic games 2024 (on condition that the price of land does not fly away) and don’t forget an essential fact, the demographic growth, which leads to de facto increasing needs in term of housing. But the CEO of Nexity warns : “If you look at 15 years old, it will be necessary to produce between 350 000 and 400 000 dwellings each year. (And) the subject of the type of accommodation and services adapted to the new morphology of the cells family is essential, ” he says in taken in June 2017. And note again the address of the new majority : “we necessarily need to ask other questions without simply cutting the housing tax, or to try to increase the number of building permits, what to do, of course. It is also necessary to ask the question of the type and amount of taxation. Must we accept without a word to say that the State collects $ 25 billion in revenue each year on the backs of the taxpayers so that they can become tenants or owners ? ”


This is not a coincidence that on his blog, he appears at the end as ” an actor hired to defend the place and the role of housing in the economy that has started as early as 2006, a charter to promote access to housing for first-time buyers and that is very invested as an officer of Nexity, and citizens on the issues of the city, living together and innovation at the service of a city more harmonious. ”


Studies and awards

– An officer in the National Order of the Legion of Honor.
– An officer in the National Order of Merit.
– 1974 : Graduate of the École supérieure de commerce of Lille.

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