Action housing hiring Benoist Appeared, and secures its funding model

On may 23, during a press conference, Action housing has announced the hiring of Benoist Appeared, former minister delegate housing, as well as securing its funding model. Details.
Action Housing (former 1% Housing) announced, on 23 may, having started the free transfer of property 30.200 its housing to the pension funds Agirc-Arrco by 2040 and have recruited the mp, the LR of the Marne and ex-minister of Housing, Benoist Appeared. The latter will join the group once released from its obligations to the Assembly, after the June 19,” said the president of Action Housing Jacques Chanut, during a press conference.


Action Housing by the ex-minister (2009-2012) the direction of its activity housing intermediary in the Ile-de-France.


Secure the funding model


The group, moreover, began to transfer its real estate to the supplementary pension schemes in order to “secure their funding model”, as planned during the creation of its Land for Housing in 2002. The transfer, enshrined in a convention signed on April 27, it bears on the bare property of 30.200 housing valued at 6.2 billion euros. Action Housing will retain the usufruct (rent, benefits, and even the possibility to sell, exchange or redeem) for 30 years. It will continue during this period, to pay the amount of expenses and work related to these buildings.


In 2040, the pension funds Agirc (executives) Arrco (all private employees) will have full ownership of these houses, which earn today € 230 million of rent per year.


In 2016, Action housing has funded social housing for 1.5 billion euros


Managed jointly by the employers and the trade unions, Action Housing collects the Participation of employers to the construction effort (Ccap), paid since 1953 by the employers in the non-agricultural private sector, and affected to the financing of actions in the area of housing.


As a reminder, in 2016, Action Housing has funded social landlords to the tune of 1.5 billion euros for the construction and rehabilitation of housing, and delivered aid to the employees of companies, to 887 million euros. Action Housing provides 93% of the budget of the national Agency for urban renovation (Anru) and also contributes to the national Agency of habitat (Anah) has funded these public policies to the tune of 1.16 billion euros (910 million for the Anru). The organization has 18,000 employees, wants to double in 5 years the production of its real estate subsidiaries, to 50,000 homes.

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