Action Housing and the postal Bank are committed to the accommodation of employees

A partnership agreement was signed between Action-Housing and the postal Bank to develop housing for employees.
On July 13, 2017, Action Housing group and la Banque postale signed a partnership agreement for the housing of employees and the economic development of the territories. The two partners wish to facilitate the home ownership of employees, by a better access to borrowing. They will cooperate to develop the existing products and consider innovative solutions, particularly in favour of seasonal workers, temporary workers, and more generally of employees who have an insufficient level of guarantees.


The levers of shares would be including sources of funding through investment funds specialist, and arguing, both to prospective tenants as landlords-private investors, the benefits offered by Visale, the device free of deposits of private sector housing is funded and managed by Action Housing.


“The group Action Housing is committed to a dynamic partnership strong, to build solutions in housing, relevant, and innovative”, says Jacques Chanut, president of the organization, in a press release. “With the signing of this partnership agreement with La Banque Postale, Action Logement confirms its determination to provide concrete answers, the more close to the reality of the territories, needs of workers and businesses.”

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