Account of Prevention : the FNTP evokes a decree being drafted

The new Account of prevention will exclude the four criteria painfulness relating to the CONSTRUCTION industry. So far, the national Federation of public works (FNTP) remains prudent in the wake of this “return to pragmatism.” And reveals that a new decree would be in the course of drafting.
Since the statements of the Prime minister, Edouard Philippe, on July 8, 2017, on the reform project dedicated to the “Account difficulties”, now called “professional Account of prevention”, the reactions are continued in the wake of those of the CFDT or the CGT Building. This time, it is the FNTP which is expressed, on 18 July 2017, in a note “the Flash TP” to the attention of its members.


It states, in particular, having read “of a draft decree that would introduce a new time limit for the rectification of the reporting of exposure factors on the difficulty in respect of the year 2016”. This correction could be effected, without application of penalties, up to 5 or January 15, 2018 according to the due date of the payment of contributions applicable to employers (instead of the September 30, 2017). In addition, the FNTP affirm equ’it will remain “very attentive to the content of the order which alone will enable us to know the details of concrete reform”.


“Complexity unmanageable device”


The Federation is also on the broad lines of the reform announced by the government on the subject. “The FNTP has led to a constant action since the adoption of the arduous task in January 2014 to demonstrate to public authorities the complexity unmanageable device”, does it. “Despite the simplifications and the reports obtained in 2016, this device remained unenforceable, expensive and compromised the efforts of our firms in the field of prevention. (…) The new Government provided for in the draft enabling law for reforming the labour market, a provision allowing him to reform the account painfulness by way of order.”


According to the statements of the Prime minister, “the terms of the declaration and taking into account the exposure to the hardness and the points awarded to this title for the first 4 factors of hardness (hyperbaric, night work, work in successive shifts alternating, repetitive work), supplemented by 2 other factors (temperature extremes and noise) remain the same”, reminds us of the FNTP. In addition, the operation of an account on any of these factors would still be the same and the points earned would remain, in principle, guaranteed. By contrast, “the last four factors (heavy loads, postures, vibration, and chemical hazards) that pose the most difficulties in our profession should be refondés”, leading the FNTP.


Taking them into account would be based on a medical assessment, but would require more individual monitoring, it is impossible to implement. In addition, the consideration of these factors would be done via the schedules of occupational diseases. Finally, “the beneficiaries of rights to early retirement would be those for which an occupational disease has been recognized and for which the rate of permanent disability of more than 10% without any specific conditions as to duration of exposure”,which details the FNTP.

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