Abilys, the board is connected, which ensures the quality of the concrete molded

The Cerib has developed a smart tool to the destination of the producers of prefabricated blocks of concrete. This board is connected you can ensure a better quality of the products. Kaïs Mehiri, in charge of Development and Innovation, explains its principle of operation.
The production of concrete blocks molded will make progress thanks to… a plank. But a board that is smart, named Abilys SB 2.0, and bunch of sensors. The technological instrument is able to search for abnormalities during the production cycle of the blocks. It is Kaïs Mehiri, engineer in charge of Development and Innovation at the Centre of studies and research in the concrete industry (Cerib), which reveals its function : “The diagnosis of these abnormalities, in a press vibrant, blocks, production cycle, is usually complicated, since a multitude of faults can occur : it can be a problem on the curbs, on the batting, on-deck, the silent blocks… Or worries in the whole of the steam hammer, like the socket, the bladder, the stops…”. All need to be control that make the conclusions difficult to establish and that will delay the resumption of production, since it is necessary to stop the machines.
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The specialist continues : “The board fitted is placed in the heart of the production apparatus. It is introduced in the press, under the mould, and the cycle is started“. Abilys then registers, in real time, all physical data : distribution and mass of the product injected into the mould, flatness, defects or discrepancies of vibrations, homogeneity of the filling of the different alveoli, length of each phase… “In all, more than 400 data per second, multiply by 16 seconds of a cycle, “reveals Kaïs Mehiri. What to improve the settings and performance of the facilities, obtaining benchmarks and indexes of references, regardless of the released product (concrete block, edging, pavers, slabs), and regardless of the tested machine (press single or double, bilayer).


Simple x-ray or report of analysis complete ?
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The Cerib, which has patented the invention in February of 2017, ensures the maintenance of production tools is facilitated for manufacturers, because the diagnosis can be established in less than an hour. “A machine is better adjusted they are products of the highest quality“, says the engineer. The device has already been tested in real world conditions in a producer of tessellations, tilings, and other elements of the garden. Laurent Monnier (Marlux), says : “The process is better controlled, because the elements that are not visible are difficult to detect. Abilys it makes the photo“. The industrialist plans to bring the Cerib once a year on its production lines, in order to monitor the possible shifts, or more often if necessary. For the time being, two levels of diagnostics exist : the offer Check-up, which reviews the state of health of the press, carried out by a technician of the Cerib, and offers a Prescription, which complements and provides a detailed scan report that delivers solutions for preventive and/or corrective. This second offer is carried out by a technician with an engineering expert.


As to Kaïs Mehiri, it is already working at a version more advanced and more practice on his instrument. He recalls : “He must be cheaper, that it’s not connected by cables to the computer, but by a wireless connection, for example. And most importantly, it needs to be usable in continuous production, without even needing to stop the press to introduce it“. Therefore, there remains a bit of bread on… the board.

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