A45 Lyon-Saint-Etienne : the State Council gives its green light

After the agreement of the regulatory Authority of railway operations and road (Arafer) in October 2017, the State Council has just made a favourable opinion on the concession contract of the future motorway A45 between Lyon and Saint-Etienne, attributed to the Vinci group. Reactions.
While the regulatory Authority of railway operations and road (Arafer) had given its green light, on October 26, 2016, the project of the A45 between Saint-Etienne and Lyon, the Council of State gave a favourable opinion on 27 June 2017. Recall that the Arafer had referred to the “reasonable balance” of this contract awarded by the State to Vinci, which provides for the construction and operation for 55 years of the 47 kilometres of motorway.
The president of Saint-Étienne Métropole, Gaël Perdriau, was not slow to rejoice in it by way of a press release : “All the steps are now taken to the Transport minister, Elizabeth Terminal, sign the contract with the designated dealer.”


To a delivery end of 2022 ?


“The work of this infrastructure is long-awaited since tens of years by the users, which can then be quickly launched to an opening, as I had already indicated, end 2022”, he added. Questioned on this issue during a trip to Lyon, on 26 June, the minister of the ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot, bottait in touch and recalled that it was necessary “to first assess the relevance of the arguments of each other.” Before specifying : “there are choices to be made in the investments. A number of the priorities are reversed.”


The cost of construction estimated at € 1.2 billion


Note that the A45, declared of public utility in 2008, has the objective to double the existing motorway between Lyon and Saint-Etienne, A47, a-axis free often saturated and deemed dangerous. The cost of construction is estimated at € 1.2 billion, to be funded one-third by Vinci and two-thirds by the State and the local government, or 790 million of public funds.


However, the opponents of the project have announced that a demonstration will take place on 1 and 2 July 2017 on the route of the future motorway at Saint-Maurice-sur-Dargoire (Rhone).


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