A swimming pool organic as a river in his garden

In the heart of the Pyrenees-Orientales, Palau-del-Vire, a swimming pool, organic has crept into the landscape of this house. It has been manufactured and installed by the team of Stéphane Archimbaud, designer, landscaper and founder of the company’arcambal Villa landscape. The challenge ? To integrate this installation in the landscape to make it as natural as possible. Diving at the heart of this unique space.
Lush greenery in a beautiful mountain landscape and at the centre, a swimming pool organic. This is the project done, three years ago, by the team of Stéphane Archimbaud in the Pyrénées-Orientales, in Palau-del-Vidre. “My clients wanted a natural pond, but we have 200m2 to develop it, and it was also necessary to achieve a landscaped area, it was insufficient,” explains the professional.


Rather than abandon the project, Stéphane Archimbaud has thought to respond better to the expectations of its customers. It is this reflection that germinated the project of a swimming pool organic. “It works like a swimming pool classic except that one filter with the aid of micro-organisms. The water is so pure”, explains the specialist.


Try to get as close to a natural environment


Its customers, retirees and athletes, wanted to keep the natural look of the outdoor part of their property. In fact, a bamboo forest had been home to there are 100 in this space. “Our main objective, and our difficulty, it was just to keep it”, adds Stéphane Archimbaud. During work, the main constraint was to not to damage the forest.
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To slide a building in a space so natural, it was therefore necessary to do everything so that the basin fits in better with the environment. Using materials, colors and vegetations of the company’arcambal Villa landscape, in charge of this site, was able to achieve, with success, has created a pool closer to what one can find in nature, the image of a river, for example.


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