A swimming pool of lyon between wood and stone

A PROJECT/FEATURE.If this swimming pool is situated in the west of lyon, is a success, aesthetically, because it fits perfectly with the contemporary home that it adorns, it also presents many advantages on the technical level. In particular, it is equipped with a filtration system without ducting, which leads to lack of local technical. Discovery images of this pleasant basin is easy to live with and maintain.
Pool and house in perfect harmony. The setpoint given by the owners to Mathieu Goujon, director of the concession swimming Pools Desjoyaux Lyon North West (NOL), was simple. Contacted very early, before the house is finished being built, the professional was able to easily comply. “The development of the basin has been made from the plans of the home, “he says. Thus, we were able to perfectly match the lines of the basin with those of the house”. The house with simple volumes, so it is a rectangular basin also simple that has been chosen. It is positioned on the same axis of the module cubic that complements the ground-floor of the house and adopts the same dimensions in width. The two structures are thus perfectly echoing.
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Filtration without channeling, and an asset in terms of maintenance

If appearance is important, the technique is just as important. In addition to having been made from panels of formwork for concrete-filled – system for which Desjoyaux has filed a patent in 1978 – that make the structure of the basin particularly resistant, the pool also has the advantage of being equipped with a filtration ductless – system, also patented, which leads to the lack of local technical. Upon arrival, the site is easy as the daily maintenance of the basin.


To make the whole attractive, a landscape architect then took the relay. He imagined an environment mineral : the wood floor and walls of gabions filled with stones, the whole gives the pool its character.
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