A study of x-ray projects related to the renovation of housing

INFO BATIACTU. A study carried out by the Club to the improvement of the habitat (CAH) reveals the weight of the activity of renovation of housing in France and gives a lot of information on the reality of the sector. Analysis.
The market of renovation of housing in France accounts for € 75 billion per year. This is one of the main lessons that emerge from the observatory of the Club for habitat improvement (1), that Batiactu will reveal to you in exclusivity. This work, entitled “The quantification of the market of renovation”, has the objective of “availability of information and of reflections of a strategic nature to follow the structure of the market of home renovation, you understand the trends”, as explained in a summary of the study.


The peculiarity of this observatory, of which this first version for the year 2015, is to rely on official sources, provided by the Commmissariat general sustainable development (CGDD). “We wanted to diusposer of the figures, which are consensus among the stakeholders of the sector that are consistent with the national accounts”, explains in Batiactu an expert from the Anah (member of the CAH).

A market for the majority of the general public


Beyond this figure of 75 billion euros, the observatory provides valuable lessons on the typology of the building renovation. Thus, 81% of sponsors on this segment of business, individual owners or tenants. It thus represent 61 billion euros. The social landlords represent themselves, 16% of the total ($12 billion). “It is the specificity of this market : it is predominantly the general public”, explains the expert of the Anah. “Many actors and industrialists of the sector often forget this fact. We have in the case of consumers who do not know what is meant by the term ’employer’. Professionals therefore need to make big efforts to pedagogy, as we do ourselves to the Agency.” In an aim to massify the energy renovation, thus it seems essential to adapt his language to individuals, who hold a large share of the funding.


If we take into account the typology of the building, individual houses and collective dwellings share the market in a fair manner (37 billion and 38 billion, respectively).


Diy weighs 12 billion euros


Finally, the study identifies two other points. On the one hand, the fact that the diy (or, to use the expression, more technocratic, self-rehabilitation) represents 19% of household expenditure, amounting to 12 billion euros. And, on the other hand, the size of the market interventions after work (operating/SERVICE), representing 20% of the budget invested in the renovation, or 15 billion euros. “This activity is becoming important, due notably to the objectives in term of energy efficiency”, explains an expert of the French building Federation (FFB). It is, in fact, perform a fine control of the facilities.


“In the accounts of the housing produced by the government, we lacked the data fine more on the game improvement/maintenance, such as to distinguish between the types of customers or types of buildings”, adds the expert of the FFB. “These carvings were missing, they were scattered. At present, these data are there and will be for us a basis for three, four years to come.”


(1) The Club is the improvement of the habitat is comprised of many entities in the sector, such as the Ademe, Capeb, Anah, CSTB, Qualitel, the Untec…

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