A study looks at the injury in the cordistes

A collective research laboratories of the University of Lyon conducted a survey of 500 cordistes in order to better understand the profile of cordistes and identify the various forms of work-related injuries that affect them.
How to prevent the risks associated with the profession of cordiste to improve their health ? This is the objective of the study conducted by a group of research laboratories of the University of Lyon. In a first step, the study establishes the portrait-robot of the cordiste. Approximately 8,500 cordistes are identified in France. Among the 500 interviewed for the study, in 98% of cases, it is man. They are mostly young, average 34 years old and very sporty, since 81% of them practice a sport activity regularly. Compared to other professionals in the CONSTRUCTION industry, they are the most educated: a third party has done post graduate studies.
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The cordiste “is not a washer of tile, it is a profession very varied, and only 10% are always the same activity“, says dr. Vignal : “the squeegee to glass, it is 14% of the activity“. These workers may as well do the paint – “it is necessary to properly maintain the Eiffel Tower !“, of the masonry, the laying of nets, the purges of buildings, maintenance of bridges, dams or wind turbines, installation of structures for events or interventions in tanks, silos or on oil rigs. They come in this business, chosen, to 26 years and come out at the end of 20, even if they would like to continue, often very satisfied with their working conditions and pay.


70% of the injuries related to musculoskeletal disorders
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The survey is part of “the impression that it was hard to stay long cordiste, despite the qualifications of many, then it is a profession in voltage, and businesses that want to keep these professionals“, explained to AFP Bénédicte Vignal, a sociologist at the University of Lyon-1 (Laboratory on the vulnerabilities and innovation in sport). The profession is “not accident-prone, there was no drop in our sample of more than 300 injuries, they are rare and life-threatening even more. These professionals are very careful and work in pairs, “notes the sociologist. On the other hand, it is physically demanding work, where “70% of the injuries may be associated with musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD), from postures repeated“, which are amplified by the use of tools of percussion or vibration.


The study, funded in part by the Fondation Petzl (manufacturer of equipment), advances of single-track to lengthen the careers: warm up, hydrate more, with drinks specific to counter chronic fatigue, and diversify the fields of intervention to avoid always seek the same parts of the body.

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