A street artist gives life to the meters and pipes in new york

The walls of the Big Apple have seen the birth of the street art on the subway trains. Tom Bob NYC prefers, for his part, having fun with the water meters, and gas, gutters or vents that dot the urban facades. An inexhaustible source of inspiration for him, and fun for its many fans.
And if things were not what they seemed ? If the water meters were, in fact, families of monkeys acrobats ? If the bollards mooring proved to be octopus colorful ? If the protection grills of windows were bird cages malicious ? Or if chimneys with rain turned into characters with the hats chinese ?


Street art © Tom Bob NYC


The eye of Tom Bob NYC, a street artist in new york, seems to perceive other things that passers-by lambda. He likes to hijack all of these decor elements typically urban for created characters, childish, funny, and colorful. A nice way to brush the city, sometimes grey and dull, with shades of tart.


Street art © Tom Bob NYC

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His works are to discover on his account Instagram followed by 43,000 people… or in the streets of New York and other american cities. When a detour through Paris to repaint the mailboxes are yellow and the counters Linky ?


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