A Spanish villa-cubic and transparent

Nestled in the heart of Andalusia, in the city of Marbella, the villa Arcadio stands out in the landscape. Its geometric lines, its different modules, cubic or even its impressive openings make it a building out of the ordinary. The use of noble materials, such as aluminium, slate or white marble, which magnify the place and participate in the erasure of the borders between the inside and the outside. Visit.
Mediterranean climate, mountains, and coasts of andalusia have attracted the owners of this luxury villa, located in Marbella. Yet nothing is gained to their arrival… In their specifications – to the attention of the architects of the firm Spanish Maiz y Diaz Arquitectos commissioned to build the villa – the inhabitants define the broad lines of their architectural project… and monumental ! The contractors must propose a project, stripped to the straight lines, providing a powerful interface between the inside and the outside. All perfectly integrated with the sloped terrain and the lush vegetation.


The company Kawneer, meanwhile, is being asked to do all the openings and glass facades, including that of the living cathedral. The architectural solutions in aluminium offered by the manufacturer is to provide the framework and the style of a Spanish villa.


Result : owners can now enjoy a villa of 3.800 m2 fully open on nature. Modules, cubic, noble materials, such as marble or slate, or the openings XXL – glass fronts compliment the contemporary architecture – participate to the valuation of the building.


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